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Saw the Snowdog inspired crosses you had coming up and was wondering if you could give any info on Snowdog.

Is it in the chem fam?

Steve Zissou

yes snowdog is of the chemdog lineage....

super snowdog = (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno]) (info is copy n paste from another website and im pretty sure that this is correct)

and i will say, the snodog is amazing, it usually turns into a toss up between snowdog or Chemdog D as to which i like better. the tastes are different but the potency is on par, both will knock you back like few other strains will. either way their both permanent residents of my garden, :character0110::damnhippie:


def looking towards this one....interested in seeing how the Snowdog stacks up against the StarDawg.....
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