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Usually when I research something it has a beginning, middle, and end. Apparently not with seeds. You can google a variety of words....."best cannabis seeds", "top quality marijuana seeds", or any combination you can think of, and each one will take you down a long path of many.....many seeds sellers.

One bit of irony I had to wrap my head 1988 I ordered seeds from the Netherlands, and took a big risk during maybe the worst time for growing. Just a 400w Halide, but still. And we would dream of going to Holland, how ahead they were.......Fast forward to today, I now live in a legal state.....I visit the old, well-known Netherlands seeds sites, and? They don't ship to the US. I stared at that one for a long time. Of course, it was after I filled my basket with careful selections. They should put a big red banner across their web sites: WE DO NOT SHIP TO......

Ok, Really? Spain will send them......I gotta deal with Spain? Totally dig Spain, all love for Spain, it's just so unnecessary. Well, apparently it is.

There's the big, well-advertised seed sellers. Some of them have 50 varieties, but 48 are feminized or autos (not a fan of either), and the other 2 are "not in stock". Great. The more desireable the strain, the greater the chance that they're feminized, auto, or sold out.......sine of their web sites are awful. It's like looking at 1993. Some of them have write-ups that sound like grandiose, over-the-top......."Blue Rhino Dragon Dung Delight will lift your spirits to the heavens as you are bathed in a resin-soaked dreamland.....". Really? So it's cocaine? Some of them get the genetic history wrong, outright lie.......then you start stumbling on the elite breeders, the $500 for 6 seeds.....with no pictures either. A frog smoking a blunt on a river. Ok.....are you that confident? Maybe your reputation is just that good. With descriptions worthy of $800 bottles of vintage Bordeaux or Cabernet....

So now I start making a list........"hardly any regulars", "doesn't take credit cards" (no, I don't use fake money, I already have something that's money, it's called money), "these look incredible, but......don't sell seeds direct". Ok, so now I have to make a list of breeders that don't sell their seeds.......are you.....not in the seeds business?

Landraces, Heirlooms, old-school, "latest drops" (you want me to participate in an auction??! You really like yourselves, don't you?). "discontinued". Ok........then why show pictures of them with lengthy descriptions? Was Vanilluna so good that nobody is allowed to have it? Or was it so bad it had to be tossed into the scrap bin?

Oh, you don't make reveal it. I thought you sold seeds, silly me. "Seed Multiverse" doesn't make seeds, they re-sell other companies' seeds.'ll just go to them then?

Sometimes I go to the far more serious peoples' sites (sorry "Rasta Joe" from Long Island, but growing blonde dreadlocks under your hemp Broncos cap and calling everything "Irie" in between bong hits does not make you Jamaican). And even though these more serious strain finders offer 16 different kinds of Thai seeds, from the Northeast region, the lower Steppe, an unheard of local tribe' least they're adults, and they care.......hopefully. It will certainly be interesting to cross "Goo goo sour fruit bubble resin vomit 43" with Oaxacan x Panama Red, it's just going to drive me insane to get there...... ;)

**This post title had to be 5 words. I don't know why. So I added 2 extra words.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I kind of knew it would happen at some point, just not this quickly (I'm near the end (for now) of building the seeds stocks that I want to do the things I want)......I got one of those intercept letters from our good friends at US customs. It's actually a Dept of Agriculture violation, as if I was trying to import stinkbugs on dragonfruit. So we laughed, and laughed........and now I have something to frame and hang on my closet wall.
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