So the Budbabe walks into the store....

This post blewwww up over such an odddd assuming because it has babe in the nametag不不不 no bud babe probaly not smart to use goat supplemental vitamins as plant fert....this is not a balanced nutrient for a plant its a balanced nutrient for an and everybody else has said....take a look at the ingredients and levels of each...not even taking into consideration p.h levels....point blank...not suited for plants
I would like to thank everyone it was interesting it made me think a little deeper on things probably not a good idea and Im currently using Moab obviously I still have a lot to be familiar with and it was very interesting conversation personally Ive taken more than my fair share of veterinary antibiotic not injectable just pills over the years I was told the base on injectable antibiotics is for animals only- not for humans. But have seen it used.