So what are peoples thoughts on autos?

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how does an auto save space? this argument makes no sense, and everything you just mentioned can be done with a photo, but better.
Growing autos in a small pot will trigger then to flower a bit earlier. So you can run 16 1-gallon autos in a 3x3 tent.

You can also run 16 clones in 1-gallon pots and just start them on 12/12 and get them to finish at the same time as the autos if not a bit earlier.


A lot of silliness in here. I’ve had my say on autos in the past.

They’re fine. top tier autos can compete with photos end result wise. The absolute best prolly gonna be found in photos, but that is a function of how breeding works. They aren’t any easier than photos, prolly harder for new growers. Benefit is speed and light.

The downside isn’t quality (if talking top tier), it’s lack of ability to scale. You can’t keep it around, it’s a one off.

For some reason autos have caught on with less experienced. Furthermore, the shit autos (hence the top tier comments) are pretty bad. Just as bad or worse than the white label banks (that are also popular with newer growers). Put these two things together and gonna get a lot of bad representation out there.

I’m no auto truther. Haven’t grown one in a year or so. But they’re fine. I don’t test my runs, but I have visual evidence.


I'm running my 1st auto now so I'll have more to say after I compare grows.


Seed companies loves autos because you can't take cuttings and there is a limit to how big they grow in general.

You could pull a few crops outside in a short time(only advantage)vs photos.

Nobody needs to grow auto's indoors, I can't see any advantage, it's not for the new grower and it's definitely not for experienced grower, they want control and often keep the best plant from a pack of seeds(clones)
You can't have control when you grow auto's, it's pot luck when each plant starts to flower.

Even if you want to grow a few different strains at the same time, you take the time to train the plants so you have a few bushy plants, veg time should never be rushed as it could make the difference of pulling 2 or 6 oz's per plant, depending on the space available but the veg time might only be 7-10 days longer for double the crop size.
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