So what were the best seeds to get from 2019?

Wedding Cake
Tahoe OG
FRuity Pebbles
Pre 98 OG Kush

i have a funky looking GSC going now. weird leaf formations, haha she's gonna be a heater for sure !!
So hard to stay. I'd really gave to go with the best working herb at that moment.
First time I smoked some Vt. Outdoor ghani. I was young.
Toss up between Gold Columbian and a few years later. Chocolate Buhda (thaiweed).
For indoortears later Skiesel is what it was called. Abusive Kusk Hermied and pollenated Sour Diesel. Very strong more trichromes then both AK or SD clones. It didn't yield as well though. My buddy had it, didn't keep mothers wasn't good with his clones and lost it. I couldn't run it and Sour Diesel together
because of the smell.