So you dont like rockwool? Well, you should!

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This requires a home RO system, Flora TRIO series, hydroguard, calmag, ph up and down, PPM and PH meters that costs over 40 dollars each. PH and PPM calibration solutions.

Add 1/2 gallon of RO water to 5 gallon bucket.
Add 1 ml Calmag and stir
Add 1 ml Flora Trio Micro and stir
Add 1 ml Flora Trio Grow and stir
Add 1 ml Flora Trio Bloom and stir

Calibrate your PPM meter and PH meter, then check them with your calibration solution again! Make sure they are accurate!

Now your ppm should be over 200ppm and your PH should be around 5.7-6.2. Add RO water and mix, until you dilute down to 200PPM. Now add PH down 1 drop at a time, until you reach 5.6PH.

Once you are done making the mix, add hydroguard at 2ml per gallon. If you ended up with 1 gallon of 200ppm put in 2ml of hydroguard.

Throw your rockwool cubes in there and let them soak for 12hrs, keeping them fully submerged.

Now make another batch of the exact same solution and fill your hydro system with it, yet increase the amounts used due to increased holding capacity.

Pull the rockwool cubes out of bucket and place them directly into your empty hydro system. Fill your hydro system with the 200ppm nutrient solution. Make sure that your rockwool stays 1/3rd the way submerged for the entire grow. Then add 2ml per gallon hydroguard to your entire system.

And thats it. . . .Place your clones or Germinated seeds directly into the rockwool. Being they are 1/3 soaking in your solution, they will wick the water up thus preventing top feeding.

Here is a link to my current system if you want to see it applied. Its stupid fast, look at the dates on the pictures.

I cannot imagine doing it any other way, and I think a few others might be watching wondering why they are not doing this right now lol. . .


I'm using distilled water with Rockwood. In a hydro set up. Is it possible to submerge the Rockwool this way as I have it sitting above the water and top feed ATM?


So as long as the nutrients what your top feeding is the same as what will be submerged, sure. It works best with hydroguard.
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