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Mainely High

Thanks for the reply how many plants would you recommend for a 1.5x1.5x1.8 tent. I have had to down size and dont want to overcrowd it i was going to use a wilma xxl 18l 9pot system but i think i am going to stick with soil and a hps until iv learnt abit more first.
Growing:cry::mad::cool: ... in that order. Sorry, never enough time for posts, or plants, or the family, or work and life in general.... What's the light setup? Assuming you're at 1000w, in soil, you will generally get the lb to 1 1/2 per light. You can grow one beautiful girl, or the 9 you're wanting. If you take the later option, you're in for more time and headaches, but more variety. I do two max under a 1000w, but I veg til they're about 3ft, LST at that point, big bushes and less trimming in the end. It's really about the veg in your case. You can throw in 9, but you won't reach an lb without the work. You'll have more nute issues if they're different varieties too. You could start with one and go up from there every couple weeks to maintain a variety, but your area seems limited for a staggered harvest. Hope it helps.
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Hello everyone! Also new here and I can't seem to figure out how to start a grow diary. Any help will be much appreciated!


Living dead girl
Hello everyone! Also new here and I can't seem to figure out how to start a grow diary. Any help will be much appreciated!
Hi Funk, welcome to the farm! First, go to the main Forums page. Scroll down, there should be a section called Grow Diaries. It's under Medical Cannabis Cultivation.

Go into that forum, then at the top you should see a Post New Thread button, top right of the forum. Click that, and post away!


I'm not going to make the assumption that it's teens, especially because of one post I just edited where it's clearly adults who are willing to do whatever it takes to get a family member well. I fear that, in their excitement, their fervor, they've overlooked some crucial information, such as what the rules are for using a site like this one. Everyone has a learning curve, everyone starts out new, but we've got to respect the man who runs this place and that means making sure everyone is up to speed or there's gonna be hurt feelings.
Hello there folks! First and absolutely foremost, I love what all of you together are creating-- the founders, the staff, and the participants. What a beautiful thing! And please listen to your site administrators...


Hey everyone. Brand new grower here. I came here because I kept coming back here when doing my homework to set up my first grow in the very near future. And everyone here seems like really cool people doing good things. I look forward to testing everyone's patience as I go about making all the rookie mistakes and learning from some of the best.


Hello I am a cannabis grower with one outdoor and 6 indoor grows under my belt.
I have been an Engineering Manager for a $500 million dollar company, Senior Maintenance manger for a fortune 500 company, a maintenance technician for a thermoplastics company, a facility tech for a electronics manufacturing company a plumbers apprentice a maintenance mechanic for a meat packing plant, a Sargent in the USAF working as a crew chief on C-130 aircraft, and a gas station attendant.
I hope to contribute to this site and grow some of the best cannabis I've ever grown!

Thai Mott

Hi, I recently joined this forum. I have 6 degrees (4 in hard sciences including biochemistry and botany, 2 in theology), so they helped me a lot when I grew for 3 decades. (I haven't grown for ten years, since I lost my farm in a divorce, because growing in a rental property is reckless). I'm a disabled veteran now, on 13 prescriptions, and when I smoke where legal (like in Jamaica), I have proven that I can eliminate all of those drugs except for heart medicine and Dilaudid -- which I was able to reduce the dosage by 2/3rds.

It helps with pain, my Crohn's disease, and epilepsy, and both my social anxiety and PTSD melted away completely. I felt halfway normal again.

While Missouri recently decriminalized 7 grams or less ($1,000 fine, no jail), the state increased all of the sentencing guidelines for all felonies significantly. An ounce or more is ten years and a $5,00o fine, and until recently, Missouri held one man for life without parole for three successive possession felonies. The Legislature passed a bill to release this man last year.

Activity here in Northwest Missouri is crazy. Last week, a federal task force made multiple arrests, but none of those arrested possessed more than 5 grams! This County of only 25,000 apparently receives federal money for each drug conviction. In 2010, I myself was arrested for possessing meth, which I have never touched in my life. A man spread some lines on a table during a party, and a corrupt informant swore that I did a line. I spent 32 days in jail, paid a $5,000 fine, and walked three years of probation for a crime that I did not commit. I did so because it was an SIS, and even though my lawyer said that I could beat the charge (the police never once Mirandized me), I could not afford a $50,000 bond, and new trial dates were six months down the road. I would have lost everything sitting in a cell (at $38/day) for six months. It is now off of my record, and the informant died two years ago from alcohol poisoning.

I chose Thai as my moniker, because I was stationed there for two years (and twice in Germany for six years). I love Thailand, and because that country's cost of living is dirt cheap, along with world class medical facilities at a tenth of the cost here in the United States, I am saving up money to move there permanently.

Although I've studied genetics extensively, I have never bred cannabis, and that is of great interest to me.

I also agree with the many comments about desirable phenotypes being lost through sloppy breeding. I sold Thai stick for over a decade in the '80s, and today's strains lack the psychoactivity of older strains. Youngsters don't know what they are missing.

Anyway, I didn't mean to make this too long. I am looking forward to the posts on breeding...


So you're new here and you're not sure where to begin? Begin at the beginning. Our illustrious site administrator, logic, has put together some grow FAQs as well as a grower's dictionary for your education and enjoyment.

Just follow the links and read, and most important of all...


THCFarmer Grow FAQs.

The THCFarmer's Growers Dictionary.
Thanks for the resources! Stoked to share my progress with you all:)
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