Some ATF in 7 gallon smartys with coco

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Alright I have been taking some time off for a while and have finally gotten enough time to post a run down. This is a legal medical grow first of all.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Heavy indica that supports its own weight in flower. Takes about six weeks more or less to flower. I also have a lone Cenex plant as well that I have been told finishes in 6 weeks sitting in sunshine mix #4

-M36CG Friedrich 36000 btu AC
-8X Galaxy ballast
-8X cool tubes
-CAP Co2 controlle
-Green AIr products co2 burner

Nutrients, Medium and TEA:

- Ready Gro Aeration formula
- Current Solutions Grow/Flower A and B
- Advanced Nutrients Big Bud (weeks 2-4 of flower)
- Advanced Nutrients Overdrive (weeks 4-6 of flower)

AACT: earth worm castings, ancient forest, molasses, great white, and aquashield. (Given once a week until week 4 in flower)
Theoneandonly Z

Theoneandonly Z

If u don't mind me asking, where did u acquire the atf?


I will snap a few more pictures a day or so before I flip them. I am just trying to time it right so I have the correct canopy size.

lollipopman: I am going to keep them horizontal this run. I might start messing around with light layout in the second room, once I get a couple more cards and my flip box up and running.

Seamaiden: Yeah I was having troubles with the UC so I made the switch and have not really looked back. Sometimes life gets in the way of things and did not have time. Too much shit in life really bad end to a relationship, new job, working on cars etc. Ill finish this one and hopefully put on a good show.

Outwest: They are honestly just what I had laying around. I have a large enough ac to cool the room, so I am not going to cut anymore holes in my house than I have to, especially since its a rental lol.

Budgoggles: Always a pleasure and I am thinking about another week or so. They might stretch 20% and I want to make the canopy fills up the lights.

Homebrew420: Yeah my buddy has been taking it eight weeks, lol don't ask me why. The guy I got it from chops right at six and looking at everything under a scope its ready right at six.... so ill be ready to chop chop right then.

Theoneandonly Z: I ended up paying an arm and a leg for the strain because my buddy doesn't know how to keep his cool and the dude could tell how much we wanted it. It has phenomenal bag appeal and the trich coverage ends up being pretty dense and completely caked! I am really stoked for this round!
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