Some help with my 1 grow

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So I'm in the flowering phase of my grow it's my first time as well. The grow is in Pro MIX from walmart,it supposedly has mzycorrhizae in it plus I add some worm casting some biochar,temp and humidity are at what should be required rI have it under a Mars ts1000 and some cheap led grow bulbs from walmart just for the hell of it more light the better I think maybe idk plus I know it's to many plants for one light but hey fck it I just jumped in to. They say it's a trail and error kinda thing plus it's fun seeing something grow let alone be Cannabis the greats plant on earth let me know what you see wrong. I know what I did wrong this first grow I cant wait for me next.


Awesome grow for a first timer. Lose the mylar, white paint reflects the light better.
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