Some Tastey organic buds

Just thought i would share some o my buds with ya i hope you guys like em.
These are my Jock Horror Bx1 selected Females i grew out about 150 of em to look for the next male stock and these were the two awsomest ladies i found in the mix and i decided to put em in my personal smoke closet.
Also just wanted to thank Bud for the heads up it seems like a nice place here and i see there are some familiar faces here

dna genetics

welcome to the farm buddy nice pics.

jock horror is from nirvana seed company ( not gypme nirvana)?
Hey thnx man glad u like. yes that is correct NIRVANA SEEDS not gypme nirvana. Alot of ppl dont realize that the Jock Horror is composed of Northern Lights Skunk and Haze and so is quite a few other Very popular and Award winning strains strains Like Jack Herrer, and SSH to name a few and i think that the Jock gets a raw deal cause they are offered at a cheep price and nobody thinks they can compare but this is 1 of the best strains i have grown. So i want to make sure it stays around thats why im trying Backcross it kinda like the C99 was using the original mothers and male offspring.