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Well I have been keeping these ladies on the side, but here is some of the progress that I have made with coco. I am running a 2:1 perlite to coco mix and feeding roughly once a day to day and a half. They are currently in 3 gallon pots and a few stray plants. I am going to keep vegging them until they are big enough to flip.




Yeah man, you know ima be watchin. Im gonna load my quick modification tonight, along with my feed and soil plan. Thanks for helping me and being a real cool dude!

Looking good, bet there is less complications. haha. Seems there are several Uc guys over here as well. mine is drained and coming apart already. I been busy today.

What type and size containers you gonna do?
What are your feed plans and any beneficial added?
How many lights and any co2?
That raspberry's lower branches and middle branches will shock you. She's easy to feed and spreads out wide but the tops will also stretch. No need to tip, but you can if you like. It will seem that she is not a heavy producer and finishes in 50 days but have faith. She will automatically spread and grow multiples. If you do a screen and multiples of her next rd, you will be very happy.


Haha I still have my four site UC set up next to it. I will keep vegging them as long as it takes to get them huge in the UC. So whichever get larger enough first are going to be my first plants to flower out.

I think that I am going to go up to 20 gallon containers from the 3 gallon containers once the roots fill up the three gallon containers.

Right now I am feeding the larger ones:
H and G A and B at 5 ml per gallon
.6 grams epsom salt per gallon

If I am just going to run six plants then I will run eight lights vertical in a 1 3 3 1 with two plants side by side.

I will be running my five ton AC and then my propane burner I will run throughout flower.

Thats cool I will just grow her out to be a mother plant so I can monocrop because I have been enjoying uniform plant growth as well as it being easier to pick out problems. Wait the raspberry finishes in 50 days? That is awesome and I saw what you did last round.


I took her 5-7 days longer than normal. Drop your temps around day 47 to induce color even though she gets it normally, it will be way darker. In dirt she is always uniform and easy to grow. She will look kinda branchy with a few sites around day 30, but within 2 weeks will blow up! Week 5-6 are big bud growth. Run veg into week 1 or 50/50 veg bloom. Then add additional boost in bloom, weeks 5-6-mid 7 flush her and smile...


I am still trying to figure out this water thing before jumping further into hydro. I am just going to be keeping a couple plants on the side in hydro til I can figure this thing out. I am just trying to get through this and get the system up and running. I am looking forward to seeing what the raspberry can do.

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