SONIC'S pineapple x pursang 6 & pinequeen X pursang 6

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ok here we go with my sonic show :music:music bet you dint know i could rap lol and i sound crap :lipssealedlol

so my good buddy let me test some of his finest genetics ....pineapple x pursang 6 & pinequeen x pursang 6

all are in 1ltr pots with basic soil from amsterdam nout special
only feed they will get will be folar and im testing hy-pro out and very happy so far .

more pics when they grow

Sonic Seeds

arh wicked you got the sonic boom on the go ....
ocanabis said it is the best weed he has smoked , now thats some thing ... i hope i like it lol cause the pineapple was the best weed i ever smoked , but sadly after 12 years i am a`bit sick of it , its like having your favourite cake every day .... smoked a little spliff from ocan and it was heaven . mine are starting to smell like pineapple bubble gums , lemons and pine sweet poo .. i cant wait


lol wikid yeh ocan said im gona love it , man got a major problem tho feckig heating paked inso council want to go in loft argggg got to rip everything down when i get bk from dam there trees to big oes biggest ive grown to date lolol:wait

plants doing very well under envro with no osculateing fan lol bad me :D


Hey man,hope u got everything sorted,what a bitch but thats those council slags for ya,if u don't want it to happen they will do it,and when u want
seriously hope ya got something sorted though,be a shame when u got them pineapple crosses going.
Just craked half of mine and was looking to follow your lead with em.
good luck fella


im all good councill are being held off till new year so all good to go . there doing well mz zym didnt fry em when i was in dam lol
will post a few pics soon in a long veg period so wont boor you with hundreds of veggie pics lol