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So I just tried this new Hybrid from what Leafly says is DNA genetics and affiliated with Crockett Family Farms.
Well if this is true...Great job guys.
I had to make a trip to the city today and in haste jumped in my jeep with just 1 joint...well that's not nearly enough for a city trip. So I took my ass to a store. 50 bucks out the door...14 grams. Ugh. I hate feeling like a custy. But to be fair I remember people gladly paying 200 for a half When a growers overhead didn't include store fronts, warehouses, and hourly employees or taxes...
Anyway, I'm rambling haha
I rolled a little over a gram into an OCB 1 1/4...
And got fucking lifted!!!
No harshness at all.
Pungent aroma, from the jar almost hard to take in directly but off the side it's earthy, and lemon citrus like.
This plant was well grown but it's genetics are just about dead on perfect in my opinion...good average on thc, online says 20+%, my batch was labeled just under 17% with 0%cbd.
It's a thick milky smoke too.
Anyway this bud did wonders for me today. Trip to town went well. That joint lasted me all day. Haha I guess that's the best way to put it...
This joint has lasted me all day.
Sour sunset


Nice to find something you like! I'm going for more citrus terpenes in my recent grows. I grew some cuts from these guys (Afternoon Delight) and found the genetics rather more robust than I expected. I would say - I'm chasing terpenes more than THC content these days. I'll look for this one.


Fuck man it would be nice to find anything smokable in AZ shops. Let me give you an example how bad it is. Some of the last weed I bought, Black Lime Reserve, smelled like grape koolaid and tasted like it was infused with grape koolaid. . I don't even get strains to browse here in AZ. Its all nothingness with strain names on the jar. Fake dirty artificial nothingness, for 330/oz. Nothing even tastes like weed.

I would LOOOVE to be able to smoke someone else's weed, at any price. You can tell I'm in between grows cuz Im on the internet bitching about it.

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