Spider farmer dual fan setup help

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I currently have a 4” spider farmer exhaust and/ carbon filter, just ordered a 6” spider farmer fan/carbon filter kit (tent is a 4’x8’ AC infinity tent, I bought a full 2nd kit so it comes with a 2nd controller but I did notice that my original controller has a location for a 2nd output, if I direct plugin to that original controller is it able to independently control the fans or should I add the 2nd controller, plan is to use the 6” fan as the main exhaust (it’ll be using a 6”to 4” reducer to tie into my vent hood going through my foundation of my home I don’t wanna expand the hole to a 6” hood) I don’t think there will be much reduction in airflow using the reducer, the 4” I want to move and use as an intake (or possibly use as a 2nd exhaust and just set it to 20% continuous out into the main room if it dosent affect humidity / temp too much,) (I’ll have to test this) I’m trying to reduce odor in the home but when the 6” shuts off I want to make sure I have continuous negative pressure on the tent so that sweet sweet smell don’t leak out when the main 6” shuts off

In short can I set the 6” fan to normal operating temp/humidity and seperatly set the 4” fan to continuous on or do I need to add the 2nd controller to operate them independently
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