Spider Farmer LED DAD'S PLANT CONTEST-SE5000/4'x4' Grow Tent/Bowl Trimmer



We are getting closer to the deadline, do you have anything else to share? 😉
I have something else to share.

Yesterday's picture, plant is 57 days old today, 56 days old in the picture, using all spider farmer gear, sf 1000, 27x27 tent, 4 inch inline fan. You don't get this kind of result from every product out there. Spider farmer has very reliable gear that works very well. This gear is two years old and still working like it was brand new. You know why you see some doing contest like this and you see other that do not? This is because spider farmer can come on here (on one of the biggest and best sites for learning and advice in cannabis cultivation) and post a contest without 30 people showing up in the comments saying there equipment has broken. Not all gear is equal, if you are looking for solid gear that will last for years and can produce top notch results year after year, look no further spider farmer is a great option at a very competitive price.

You got this little plug because one, it's true and two, I seen you liked my comment on this topic right before this post, I went through every post, only mine was liked by you. So now I'm super excited, it might just be a great fathers day. (fingers crossed)

Good luck everyone.
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In it to win it, I will now remove my lips from spider farmers butt 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 but seriously I highly recommend this product from years of experience with it.


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I have a few different strains growing but no spiderfarm gear. I would definitely like to win some though. Here is what I have growing. I have 3 strawberry fields, 1 lemon auto, 1 strawberry cheesecake auto, 1 Irene, 1 Glitter Bomb, 1 Tokyo Snow and finally 1 Dresden green diamond. Could definitely use a better light.


I fear you are correct sir. First time jitters? I screwed the pooch. I'll learn
No worries, I always looked at screwups as learning what not to do, so at the end of the day, is it really a fuck up? Maybe, but if you pull the right things from it, we’ll shit homie…you know. 👊🏻


No worries, I always looked at screwups as learning what not to do, so at the end of the day, is it really a fuck up? Maybe, but if you pull the right things from it, we’ll shit homie…you know. 👊🏻
The buds look great with 1 1/2 weeks to go maybe some more swelling?


Happy Father's Day, Growers!

To celebrate the upcoming Father's Day 2023, we would like to honor all the baby plant fathers!
1. Share your best pictures showing how much you care for your plants
2. Tag #SFgrow (It's better to showcase Spider Farmer products with your plant if you have one).

Join and Win super cool prizes! We will announce the winner on June 18.

First Prize: SE5000 Led Grow Light
Second Prize: 4'x4' Grow Tent
Third Prize: Bowl Trimmer
3 Random Winners: Spider Farmer T-shirt or Hat

Don't wait any longer! Visit our official website and buy it today:
Extra 8% off with coupon code: SFTHC

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I just started my first grow a few months ago and decided the SF1000 would be a humble start for my 4x4 tent. I am looking to grow an extra plant (or 2 or 3) next time around and already have been looking at an upgrade, so to win first prize would be sensational!

Good luck everyone!
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Last day to get your entry in, if you haven't yet let's see those girls, and tent setups, don't forget to tag #SFgrow. Good luck everyone we will have some winners soon. 😎

Also happy fathers day everyone. Hopefully your girls gift you something to smoke.


Happy fathers day tok all the days out there and best of luck to all i dont have any spider farmers led but am running a 350w cmh @SpiderFarmerLED #SFgrow
Rsw 1200h 1200 18

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