Spotting four Weeks into Flower

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Hi, I am 28 Days into flower and I noticed some spotting on the top leaves of a few of my girls.


I removed a leaf tip from the second pic and put it under a microscope:


I thought it might be calcium, so I gave them en extra dose BioBizz calmag, 1.2 ml/L
but it is still progressing.

I thought It could be light burn so I went down to 40k lux but I think it is still progressing.

They are Special Queen, feeding has been:

Biobizz Grow 2ml/L for the first 2 weeks of flower not down to 1ml/L
Biobizz Bloom 1ml/L for the first 2 weeks now 2ml/L
Cal Mag .5 ml/L with every feeding (soft water)

any tips are highly appreciated.
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