Step by Step too "Gumby" Bubble Hash

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Donk Frog

I found this on u-tube......I think I might give it a go.....look like a good return....


Donk Frog

I did it with a little twist...I used my 220m iceolator bag to mix in and keep garbage out then did the rest like they say....I got a pretty good return, more than normal anyway


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I've done this in the past and it works out ok. The material is definitely dark but it does the job and then some!


this looks like the dark ages to me. it will work, but we have more advanced methods available.
i'm getting ready to wash some crystals off this mornin. got to make just abit more ro h2o & crush some ice.
i'll be utilizing aqualabs 220 mic bags, a haier washer, mila's ice-o-lator bags. a tbl. spoon & a bunch of coffee filters. i don't have a working camera or i'd up-load some pics...


Ive been doing mine pretty much the same for years and I dont bother with the syphoning stuff..I pour my mixture thru a 5gal paint strainer that I got at a local hardware store for a few bucks then just wait for the trichs to settle on bottom then slowly pour off the top water till the trichs get stirred up wait ten min and repeat till theres just a little water and lotsa trichs, I then pour this on to a plate and put it in the oven on the lowest possible setting for maybe a couple hrs, the water evapourates and I scrape it up, its warm and soft..mmm yummy btw the paint strainer is a good over all filter and very very cheap way of making a good all around hash, what little leaf matter that gets thru the filter gets poured off cuz it floats. this way has worked very well for me
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