Still MASHIN' - Under Current 12XLs, Flip-Flop, '91 Chem

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NICE!!! Damn this is the exact setup i was thinking about setting up in the near future i will be watching good luck.


Supa - Thanks man, I hope this is will be a rampage. Might put another 5 weeks of veg under their belt. ScrOG madness coming soon.

MOROCO BLAKK - Can't go wrong with a UC project, better have some other hobbies on the side though as not having to fiddle with PH and PPM constantly makes for plenty of free time!

UCMENOW - Lil' ol' me? No big plans. *coughcough* :D

TF - That my friend is some red neck floor restructurin'! Haha, got sketched at the sheer weight these systems are and tried to distribute the weight best possible. Thanks for peepin'.

motherlode - Thanks a lot, glad the effort shows in photos.


Playing with Fire Son...
Looks really good .....What nutes you running and how long will you veg..JACK


Midnight_son - Thanks and glad to have ya along for the ride!

RichieRich - Thank you.

Greenthumbnoob - That's my dehu that never needs emptying. There's a 12k btu A/C mounted outside the shots keepin' things cool.

Lone Wolf

mashup - how ya doin sir? long time no see--- looks like you have upgraded big time!

love the flip boxes and the power boxes you are using there... i own two flip boxes and a 7500 powerbox... excited to see you get to work... i know how you do, so this should be great!
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