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I'm baffled on my last remaining plant. I've cut a few flowers that seemed to be done and now I'm 2nd guessing myself. Into about day 80. This is suppose to be stardawg from a seed vendor. Trait wise its looked all around drastically different than the other suppose stardawg I grew that was fully ready for harvest 2 weeks ago. The flowers I clipped didn't have any white hairs sticking up. There were some amber tricomes and cloudy white ones but it was as an easy call as the others I've harvested weeks ago. The rest of the plant im really questioning if its done. I have to go on vacation in a week and have no one to look after it. Its in dwc and based on how much she drinks im pretty sure it would be completely dead after returning a week later. Thoughts on close she is?


Hey! So the reason you're getting white hairs is your plant is starting to foxtail. So there is new growth on top of your old buds. Those will take longer to mature as they are new! Foxtailing can be caused by heat and light stress! If you noticed amber trichomes I would say chop it otherwise it's just going to keep doing that.


I would put the thing out of its misery before leaving town. For plants like this, a few amber trichs is enough.
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