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Hello Guys,

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Stonerabbit and living in holland.
I worked several years for BC Bud Depot in there shop in Amsterdam and besides that I did some work for DNA Genetics and i was also a moderator on several forums for these guys .

I bumped into this place after surfing around on the net and looking at some threads here i thought this is a serious forum with top notch breeders and growers, so i hope to stick around for a long time and buy me some serious kush seeds to start here.

Peace and be safe




Wow bro What a Resume!!!.....LOL
Sounds Like My Dream JOB man.....

I look forward to gettin to meet ya....
I am sure you are FULL of INFO..huh????
I am always lookin to Learn MORE and MORE...THis is really the reason I am here....THis Place is Full of INFO and Great Members is where ALL of this Great INFO comes from....So this says alot about this great Site...
From what Little I have seen so Far...



Welcome and you must of had some fun and got some serious knowledge at your previous jobs...:) Pretty Cool

Joey III


More than enough fun to handle ! ! but serious knowledge ? ? the more you are in the middle of things the complicated it gets ! !
Seriously , reliable equipment , good soil , organic fertilizers and the right genetics that,s all basically what you need.
And offcourse common sense just read your plants they show you what they need.
Marketing makes your head spinning around with all the stuff for sale.

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