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hello everyone!! i am brand new here. i lurk around other sites mainly reading but when i came here i felt this was the place i could get some solid feedback.
i grow in a small stand alone ceder like closet..just under 3 sf. i use 150hps one gallon dwc with air pumps and stone. i have been growing dreamgoddess for about 2 years...this is a very special plant. i take clones of a clone of a clone etc. the last 4 out of 5 grows have been lost to what i have determined to be high res temps, 72 to 78 degrees, 4 weeks into flowering plants would wilt and that would be that...then i got an has just been rough. i have a spinal cord injury and use cannabis for spasms and pain. i like a heavy narcotic smoke right before bed time.
i have 4 plants together in a 4 gallon container of dreangod. i am having trouble getting a clone to root and think i am going to risk the high res temps and flower these out.

i need recommendations for a heat resistance strain with a heavy stone in the $40-$50 dollar range...i am on disability and have a fixed income. I have read up on mandala seeds, but i want your help.
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