Strain choices for edibles

Hey all, looking for some opinions on finding a new strain for making gummies and edibles.

Currently for gummies and chocolates I’m using Blue Dream, sativa dom hybrid at about 24% THC content that produces a good yield.

For things like pain balms, lip balms and other topicals Im using,White Fire Alien Kush and GG#4. Both indica dom strains that are about 27% for everything topical I make.

The other day I made a boo boo and wasn’t able to get to my freshly made clones, they almost dried out on me and was worried that I lost my Blue Dream and got me thinking.

So this is my question, looking for a good yielding, high %, most likely sativa dom strain that gives a good euphoric/uplifting high for my gummies, what’s a good strain choice. Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Not sure the strain is highly available, but I REALLY like my Candyland gummies. Very active and gets you going. I'm using Sour Tsunami for the pain gummy (and like you, GG4 for a standard stone, which most people like).
kosher kush,gorilla bomb,etc,etc,etc #1 for me is super lemon haze. Gonna run "light speed" next and hope for winners
We always use 4 different strains when making our infused coconut oil for edibles. Theory is that there are more and more diverse canabanoids for the entourage effect. Sure gives full balanced effects.
You know, I never even thought of that lol. Good idea, I think I will try that for sure