Strain selection for Mediterranean Guerrilla 2022 Run

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Hi to everyone, i passed a lot of days reading some ultra high quality posts by some kind of jedi growers here on thcf.
I am learning day after day, there is always something new and that's amazing.
It's my first post here, and i'm writing to seek advice for my second ever season. This year i started two auto runs, one in june and one in july, both took 12 weeks. The first garden was in pots and the second directly in soil, i used composana as medium mixed with some coco coir. The results in pot (finished at 1st week of september) were amazing but the second garden was decimated by bud rot (botrytis maybe?) The humidity levels went up in an unacceptable way, the last week of the in soil grow had an astonishing 93% humidity, so i was forced to harvest a non finished potentially amazing growth.
By the end, i harvested much better quality and more quantity from smaller and fewer potted plants, than 4x the number 2x the dimension and in soil sisters, and the culprit was BUD ROT!
I had no way to prevent it as i was moving from pre-alpine climate to a southern zone on the sea with an annual +3°C and half the mm's of rain.
I'm still learning a looot, But i think that i understood the big name's almost random strains issue, so i was asking for your help about the best seeds for an outdoor enviroment with 5 grow months (against the 3 i had this year) that could deliver a punch of resin (next year i want to dive in the extraction world hopefully), a lot of buds hopefully (as i would try to survive all the year till the next harvest), and obviously pretty resistant to pests and fungus or with a good structure.
For the spot, i'm diving in some woods in a ultra low density zone, so giants are not a problem as i'm going to grow a lot of secondary and native plants, i'd like to start some stress techs too, so a perfect strain for extractions, bulletproof and pretty "big", I'd like to plant both auto's and photo's this year so both are welcome.
I know that i just asked the impossible and i know it.. For the terp profile i have no preference as the background here in an illegal country is very poor (if u don't grow it, you smoke cancerweed), and so i have no main preference.
This year i got some fastbuds and a lot of seedstockers, all the first were too small and i wasn't too happy for they're result, but from all the seedstocker strains (i got 8x3) i had only the blackberry gum auto in the pots garden and i liked her very very much! so something earthy, spicy and strong would be perfect, and also i would love to discover the REAL strains that wrote the weed world not the breeders laziness and money hunting names. Feel free to correct me please, i may had wrote some bs probably, but i'm a newbie!
Thank you for your time! Every tip is a gift from god for me! Cheers and happy planning/winter sess!!!
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