Strains and amount of plants for my small space

Hi everybody, i will soon be doing a indica grow in a 60cm x 90cm x 70cm (L,w,h). I will be using 2 400w 6000k for veg and 6 150w 3000k for bloom. I need a bit of help deciding between a grand daddy purple auto or a aurora indica photo period (both really short plants, around 60 cm with lst). What do you guys think, are my lights good enough for a photo period? and also do you think i can fit more than 1 plant in my space?
Would really appreciate any response whatsoever
Yeah man those lights should be a good start , you can probably squeeze another plant in there too . When I tried to grow indoors I jade a 300 w LED Light witch is also good (for me atleast, it was just a small closet grow)
Only 70cm high and the other dimensions are 3' x 2' roughly...Hmm, seems like you are going to have way too much PAR because when those plants start getting taller they will be in your lights or too close to them for sure. (6) 150 watt in a 2' x 3' area, those must be COB's right?