Strange growth and color. Need Help

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So i have this strange yellow growth and poor developing bud. I have been dealing with this for weeks now and can't find any info on it or seen anything like it.
I highly doubt its a mold or fungus or creature because it is not spreading to other plants.

3 out of 9 in veg are doing it at 4 weeks old
1 out of 4 has been doing it but is in week 3 of flower and top bud development looks ok but lower parts don't at all

Flower room info
85F day
74F Night
60 RH day
48RH Night
Exhale CO2 bags and room vented every 3 mins
Jacks 321 full strength
tribus 1mg per gallon 2x week
recharge 5mg per gallon every 10 days
ff of soil
ph 6.3-6.4 including runoff
watering when dry about every 3 days

Veg room
80F day
74F Night
50RH Day
same as flower room feedings and what not

Yellow like flakes and soggy feeling growth just not spreading to other plants

PLEASE HELP 1 of 5 clones are doing this at 2 weeks in soil
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