Strawberry Diesel

The strawberry diesel I had is a clone only cross of NYC Diesel x Kyle Kushmans Strawberry Cough.

This has got to be some of the tastiest herb on the planet. The range of smells and tastes offered are as vast, making the smoke pleasurable to any connoisseur.

From a distance the smell ranges from skunk to coffee to garlic sausage and back. Up close, spicy strawberries is clearly identifiable. When ground up, it is straight up diesel fuel.

The smoke is thick and expansive, and full of flavor that coats the throat like cough syrup. Expect to choke up a lung!
The high starts off as a boot to the face with the capacity to make you pass out. It starts in the head and chest, a strong happy, relaxing, cloudy head buzz that transitions into a heavy body high of the couchlocking variety and possibly sleep inducing.

This 50/50 is a very heavy producing diesel variety, taking this from its Strawberry Cough daddy, which makes it the most optimal diesel variety for commercial growing. Hybrid vigor is clearly visible in this lovely cross.

If you get the chance to smoke it, do it!
just made about 500 f2 from rez old straw d stock, looking to find the COFFIN pheno in the future from them..
I've been running this for 6 years or more. Version 1 no less ;-)

It's a floppy(branch) pain to grow sometimes but always worth it in the end.

Clearly you know :-)

I'm on the road now. I'll post some pics of my most recent effort with her. One of my best for sure.

Peace.Love.And the Strawberry Diesel :-)


I recently got my hands on the coffin cut. same cut that won the nugs and jugs this past year.(i think) :)
It really is a special plant. Pumps out the fattest nugs I have ever seen that ooze with garlicy diesel.

Does anyone know what the different cuts of SD are?
What does the coffin cut lean towards?
I'm pretty confident this cut leans towards Sour Diesel but I have no idea for sure.
The strawberry cough mostly comes into play with the relaxing, anti anxiety component that is a perfect counter-balance to the ultra hard-hitting aspect of sour diesel.
Just to settle any confusion, I did NOT grow this. I got it from my dispensary. I should have stated that in the beginning.