Stretching my girls time out, have questions on the chop.

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Pineapple Express: 55 days into flower
Medium: 22 gallon pot 5 gallon and the littler 3 all in 6 inch pots used a mix of fox farm happy frog and ocean forest for the big girl, the smaller ones ocean forest.
Nutes: stopped using but did use fox farm big grow big bloom and tiger bloom
Ph of feeding water: 9.8, wanted to see how she would do with high alkaline water
PH of runoff: 4.23
EC: 1.012
PPM: 1215
These conditions were all close and or in range of each other’s readings for all plants.

She’s around 160 days old, had a major stress incident early first weeks of flower almost lost her and the others, the big one is what I started with and the other four were off shoots that just were not working for my training design, so I snipped them put them in root gel as an experiment and boom all four survived and thrived long enough to be harvested soon. I have done some trimming of leaves that were dieing and or blocking the light of lower sights, also with the big girl I’ve kind of done some have ass tressing but crossing branches here and there, I also switched all my lights to a bloom phase, and have dropped the temp a little and now am also drying out the air. Hoping that will encourage resin build up. I took a look at the trichs on most of the calyx , they looked like this

So, I want pain relief but still that good uppity high because I am also a gamer, do I chop her at 60 days or 63? Or even longer? Let me know what you chaps think! Oh and on a side note in on of the pictures there is a smaller plant that seemed to sprout up on its own, I made room to give it as much light as possible but do I leave that one when I chop it down or just take her to?
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