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hey farmers how y'all
got some stunted seedlings think my ph might be too high at 7 and a combination of rich compost.
any suggestions as to how to remedy my girls would be much appreciated
they are skunk no1 from sensi 3-4 View attachment 54645 i flushed em with rain water but they still aint growing


Not to say this is the reason ,, but i seen your other post waiting to be approved ,,And i will aprove it in a sec ,,

But looks like u keep the soil a lil too wet. And give them time ,, the bigger they get the faster they will grow ! NO flushing at this point ,, and very very light feeding !

Plants do not like the soil wet all the time ,, the do not want it bone dry either!


View attachment 54650 cheers sunsimulator ,they're sodden with water except for the top o de compost is too dry and warm,rhizomes are developing at the base of stems,they wanna live.think my mh 400 might be too hot ,they're 2.5 feet away and have a small fan on em at 15 min intervals.might buy a 250w cfl and stick em real close to de bulb. hope this might cool things down a bit



thanks monkeyb,rollin j ,smelly c and everyone.keep p.h. at 6.2 you say?delighted to hear a definate measure cos iv been checkin de net for ages and guys say rainwater is fine ,soil will buffer but wat bout nute uptake. i can ffinally get my head aroud cat-ion exchange and ec.nerdy stuff!
ye're all correct and right ,after a week now and some of them are startin new shoots.potted 1 blue cheese on and it had loads o root in comparison to a week ago.
i think small pots might be a mistake b;coz compost seems to dry too fast ,even in ambient temps.
ph'd rain water and it read8.2 ,seems crazy high but gettin new meter shortly. got some ph down but i'll wait till i get new tester.
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