Surfr's nug shots.....

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Sorry for my shitty camera skills.. These pictures really do not do these nugs any justice..

Lemon Larry 3

Witches Weed

Purple Urkle(warm temps no purp)

I will have more of White Master Kush and a few others.. I am having trouble loading them right now.


Lemon Larry looks fantastic! So frosty! What do you think of the witches weed? A buddy of mine is running that one, don't think he's finished it yet...

I feel your pain the the urkle... I run ken's grandaddy purp cut and had the same problem this past summer...


Looking dank surfr, that lemon Larry looks ridiculous almost like a blue color looks like some straight fire.. And so what if that urkle isn't purple I bet she still taste good as fuck.. Easy Tokin my man those nugs look like they could tickle your lungs and make you choke a hit back into the bong


yep what happened to surfr? hope your safe mate. that larry looks dank as fuck bro. going to pop some of mine this week.
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