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Well hello to everyone I'll start with introducing myself I have alot of soil grows under my belt. I'm coming off of almost 2 years without a grow and am getting ready to start again but with hydro this time around this is what I want to do let me know what you guys think.

Strain: The Chruch
Medium: Hydroton or Sunleaves Rock
Pots: 2 gallon nursery
Veg. Lights: 4 1,000 watt lights
Flower Lights: 7 1,000 watt lights
System: Drip to Waste

I plan on vegging for 3 weeks lights on 24hrs then flipping them into flower.

Do you gys think I can use the 2 gallon pots or will need 3 gallon pots

Will I be able to get 14 or 15 lbs out of 60 plants


JUSTJR27;Will I be able to get 14 or 15 lbs out of 60 plants[/QUOTE said:
Rumor has it a good soil setup should yield 2 lbs per light -- not sure what the conversion is for hydro but I'd assume its higher.

If you've got 7 lights in the flower room, with your experience, I'd say 14 should be a very achievable goal.

Good luck!
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