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Thought I'd share my first grow with you all! Going to keep it low key and more on the hobby level but still want to learn how to craft some great nugs. I look forward to reading this forum to help me on my way :harvest:

It all started with a lil lady that needed a home and me having room to board. See, I had setup a light in my room to revive my cacti & succulents that had been getting murdered in the crazy weather we've been having here in So-Cal. Lots of rain and cold temps making them not so happy. I took her in and she did well so I decided to pick up a decent T-5 light and see if I could manage to get anything off of her by vegging and flowering under one. I saw a few threads here that look very promising. Of course I realize that HPS/MH will blow T-5 out of the water, but I wanted T-5 because of the low power consumption and lumens/watt. I can also keep it for a veg/mother chamber if I pick up a small HPS/MH to flower later.

The setup is currently just a few ladies chillin under a Sun System New Wave T-5 HO 2 ft x 4 bulb (all 6500k). The light is hanging from a basic structure made of 2x4. I'll be modifying an armoire into a grow cab for flower and transplant them into there once thats complete. I wanted something that wouldn't generate too much heat so I went with T-5. I'm planning to mount an intake fan low in the cab and an outtake fan up high, something like the good size computer type ones, do you think it'll be cool enough with some of those? I'm not sure about a carbon filter yet, but I suppose that will eventually be needed if the smell gets crazy. Will probably add that if/when I upgrade to an HPS/MH.

It looked really good for the first week or two of veg, then I went on a two week trip over the holiday and came back to extremely yellow/browning leaves. During all of which she was being fed only water every 4 days or so that was being pH'd to 6.5. I posted a thread in the infirmary and several users there helped me out, thank you all very much. Turns out she was in dire need of nutrients and more soil for roots. I started feeding a low dosage of fox farms grow big and she responded wonderfully. Getting greener and healthier looking every day. The roots were all bound so I also transplanted from 1 gal to 5 gal using fox farms ocean forest. I also went for a little LST action to get better light distro on her and help speed the recovery/veg process. I also got her a girl friend to keep her company. Well actually, they're sisters, both are purple of some kind but I forget which.

Planning to keep them under 18/6 for a few more weeks while I get the cab/darkness situation sorted out. They could use the extra time since I haven't exactly done them 100% from the get go. Next feed I'm going to bump up the nutes to 5 ml FF GB, 10 ml SVA, 10 ml SVB, 5 ml No Stress Hydro-Zen Enzymatic Formula (all per gallon).

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :smiley_joint:
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imo cutting off the most diseased leaves will help them recover faster as well

CG Buds

Thanks Motherlode, makes sense to me! The first two pics are about a week older than the lower ones, and since the first pics I've taken off all leaves with the brown spots. Now just some yellowing left which is clearing up nicely into a dark green.

I'm also having a lot of new growth forming rather tightly together on the lower portions of the branches that are now exposed from the LST. I'm planning to let them go for a few days and then pop off some of the lower sets of leaves as they begin to take more shape and I can tell which ones will be blocked out from the light and aren't worth me letting them suck up the food that all my upper leaves so desperately need. One more reason I'm bumping up the feeding schedule, to support the recovery of current growth as well as the new lower growth from LST.


keep the fert solution simple until they get a little bit more growth on them. since you just transplanted to 5 gals with FFOF, those pots already contain quite a bit of nutrients. If it were me, based on what they look and the new soil, I'd feed straight water for the first watering and then start with just the 5ml of grow big.

I use FFOF mixed with black gold as a buffer (2cu ft BG/1.5cu ft FFOF). Then i mix another 1cu ft of peat moss and add a gallon of perlite. I also mix in a little bone meal, kelp meal, vit B1, and dolemite lime. With that mix I don't need to fertilize for the first 3 weeks to a month. So I'm assuming with straight FFOF you can wait a bit too. The last thing you want is to over-fert those plants right now.

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