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Update. These pics were from Day 45. I've made some mistakes unfortunately with my nutrients which seem to be resulting in underdeveloped buds.. mostly the Grape Pie, White Truffle and AJSD.. Tangie could probably be better. Hoping they put on more bulk, but kind of doubting it. Not sure if I should use the dry Koolbloom I got this run or not.

Long story short, I used Dyna-Gro this run and followed their feed schedule - Foliage Pro and Bloom. But I think the Bloom didn't provide enough N. I also had some calcium deficiency issues which you can see in the pics. Aaaaand I also left for a few days and didn't realize how quickly I was using up these nutrients... so the bloom ran out and the system basically used up Protekt and MagPro until it met the desired EC. Not so good haha. Oh well, live and learn.

I'm jumping to Jacks 321 next grow with some additions (Mr Fulvic, DIY Hammerhead, PowerSi, Kelp).

Grape Pie:
IMG 5253

Blue Dream:
IMG 5252

IMG 5251

White Truffle:
IMG 5245

IMG 5249

91 Chem:
IMG 5250

And some pics of the deficiencies:
IMG 5254

IMG 5256

IMG 5255
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