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Hi All,

I have been growing on - off in coco DTW for about 15 years, now looking to take the plunge into No-till. I have many organic no dig beds in the yard for veg, so It makes sense to bring this to the inside garden.

Being in AUS some ingredients are hard to find / expensive so have a few questions, any input would be appreciated.

Looking at making a coots style mix for a 3x3 bed.

So far I have sourced locally

Worm Castings
Peat Moss 107litre bale
Irish 100% organic seaweed meal - ( stock feed Supplier )
Basalt - Local garden centre
Gypsum - Local Garden Centre

I need to order online
Neem Meal
Oyster shell flour ( Can this be swapped out for garden lime, Calcium Carbonate? )
Alfalfa Meal ( Can I grind down Lucerne Chaff from the stock feed supplier? )
Crab Meal - ( I Can source Crustacean Meal with added ground seashell - will this suffice? - Is there an alternative? )

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