Tangerine Dream Cannabis Cup 2010


Green Supreme

Looks a little like something I left in the toilet today. Peace GS
hahahahahahahahahah you never seem to let me down man derry will buy that cup off you if its for sale man and if you tell him it comes with some good shit he might pay a little more owe no he not into that shit he need the white
Hello my dear cannabis cultivators,

can anybody tell me what is so great about this cup
:anim_19: is :cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash:cash
High Times Cup = BS
High Life Cup = BS
Spannabis Cup = BS
420 Cup = BS
Won them all & it's all 1 big :cash CON & BS seeds! or clone only!
There not all like KARMA!
It's time for a real cup, 1 grower, entry: only seeds, 1 cultivated field, 25,= a judge pas & 1500,= for the seedcompany (10 seeds) and buy all seeds at a seedbank (no fucking a rond)! I bet that the Green House or Barney's farm do poor! Make a video & tell how it is! strange hunters ?! so whats up logic?

Steve Z

i agree that the seeds they sell are fucking horrible representations of what is being judged. hahaha vanilla kush dont make me laugh. :bubblez:

its just a marketing scheme, and i mean good pot or bad

youre still gettin stoned all week.

fuck the awards, for me in the states its just a reason to get out and get high for a week straight, who cares on some dumb cup that is going to sit on someones mantle. we all know its rigged come on, barneys and greenhouse every year it does not matter cause they have the most $$$ and time put into it.

if it was a true "seed" cup they wouldnt even place in the top 10 id bet.
Was smoking Tangerine Dream in Barney's the other day, it's quite good, fairly weak orange taste. I think it was g13 x Neville's haze or something. TBH i smoked better whilst i was there.
g13 x Neville's haze?

G13 orange taste?! or Nevelle's orange taste?! hmmmmm sorry

Take a scope x60 or more and look! Thnx :bubblez:
Well that's what it said on the menu. g13 x Nevilles haze 4A.

They had a proper scope on the counter actually.
im curious about this strain being that their is a strain thats been out for years called tangerine dream so im wondering did they swipe it and slap their name on it or is it just a coink-e-dink??? lol
Proof that cannabis cup is rigged! 2003

As most of the judges were heading home for Thanksgiving
after a more than usually successful Cannabis Cup news broke
on Dutch TV that a vote rigging scam had been discovered.

http://www.channels.nl/knowledge/23318.html or

The Greenhouse started as a coffeeshop in '92, then there was no seed company. not '85
Reeferman started in 2005/2006 Barney's Farm and Derry fuck them ed the Overtoom!! also not from '86!

You may choose to bury your head in the sand and toss it up as happenstance but many prefer to rely on facts rather than fantasy. GHS is overpriced crap fueled by a rigged cup and aimed at the perpetually gullible. Ditto w/Barney's Farm and several other seed banks/distributors who have all sold out for money! Your covering up of these facts is truly pathetic and fosters a one sided discussion based on fantasy vs. reality.
TD beans on sale while supplies last :)
They also have Purple Wreck back in stock.
I think it will be good. Say what you want but the Violator they have is the fire so Im willing to try the TD.