On 13th December 1642, Abel Tasman, that famous Dutch explorer was the first european to discover the islands of New-Zealand. He saw a beautiful land, lush and green with forests, with crystal clear rivers and lakes and a climate very good for growing.
Tasman Haze is our salute to that amazing time. Strong growth with dense buds all the way up the branches thanks to the haze/sativa influence. The father to this plant is 40% indica, hence the pungent aroma of Tasman Haze which ends up covered in crystals. A strain fit to satisfy any explorer!

Type- indoor / outdoor
Genetics - Indica 20% Sativa 80%
Flowering - 60-75 days
Height - 100-200cm
Yield indoor - 450-550 gm per m2
High - up high
Smoked this from the dampkring dident think much of it as it had thousands of tiny seeds everywere in it tiny tiny little green seeds iv noticed this in lots of the buds in holland y is this is it that maybe they get fertilized by a male near the end of bloom? Thanks
good stuff, nice spicy full sativa taste. buds look really amazing like the tip of an ancient roman spear. high is to hectic for some though let me tell you.....