Teenage mutant lowryder#2 s'

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So about three yars ago me and my x were growin and we picked up on some lowryder #2 seeds from jointdoctor via BC bud depot...We got 25 one cycle and got 11 females, 9 males and 5 hermis/mutants... the first batch wasnt as bad...there were only two of the 5 hermis that had deformed leaves on them. sorry I dont have pictures of them, it is in my past and I have since lost my photographs dealin with her crazyness,... anyways we didnt think they were too bad (i hadnt done as much research lol im a youngin was more dumb then) we decided to get more of them and picked up on 50 of them...I over winter ran into them again and bartered for 10 of them beans and popped them. this is what I got six out of ten sprouted and half mutated;
check out the auto topped one lol...


idk what the ......to call this one?


sorry i forgot the other two theyre just runts not even as big as ^^^
last but not least the only two of six that are semi normal so far;

you can see curling/weird leaves on one of them though.


silver nitrates? they were all regular seeds so im not seein that as a possibility? idk anyone got some input lol is this some gmo shit or what
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