Temperature reading night mare, pleasr hekp

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Ph 007

Ph 007

Can anyone explain what the fuge is going on with my temp readings

Bassicly I have 2 tents 1 flower 1 veg, the thermos metres and fan speed controller probe as at canopy level tips shaded from radiant heat

Flower tent
Hps i have fan probe and there metre at canopy tips shaded from above radiant heat
I have to set my fan to 23.889c for my white themro meter read 75-77max they look good

Then my veg tent using t5's
I need to set my fan to 25c to get my white themro to read 75-77f

So Flower tent is set to 23.889c on my fan controller
And veg tent is set to 25c on my fan controller
But they both give me the same readings on my white themro metre any ideas why this is?
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