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Oh come on bro really it's like I just get myself settled down and decide on what I want to get from you and you always pull this shit. Oh hey guys new super awesome killer wonder weed. Then I have to go back and choose all over again. The Madmartigan crosses I have a weakness for as they smell and taste soooooooo goooooood!🤤 Ok though so you don't at this time have that available the madmartigan x white runtz? I just want to be sure before I figure out my order. So much love
Hey buddy I’ll text you this evening. Sorry was driving all day yesterday .


You were one of very few who got those, I pulled them after finding out how many good phenos I found in 15 seeds. I have 3/4 keeps still and I grew those a year ago. People who try one of my phenos all the sudden want to try the rest. Madmartigan adds so much flavor! Madmartigan = purple punch x (Indiana bubblegum xc99) so you will see all kinds of terps in the offspring.
I'm motherfiing honored then to b sitting on some of those!! Thanking u kind sir.


So had to share some of the wonder strains from Tenguseed/Trustfall we have a Tropical Cookies living her best life next to some Candy Rain. I was on the fence with the CR when growing it was a bit temperamental and did not like when I went away for few days and she got kind of dry. I have say though for a plant I pretty much pissed off and ignored she is yielding some gas funky nuggets with a strange sweetness. The buds are rocks too and started out with a ton or very white hairs that you have to see growing to fully understand. Hope a great weekend and Mr Trustfall I texted you back so whenever you got time I am in no rush my friend. Peace
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Hello all, I recently harvested 3 great Trustfall clones.
While doing some finish trim I came across the last thing I expected to find….a seed.
I ended up finding 5 from a WTO and 4 from a Grandi Guava.
Am I correct in thinking that they will def be females??
Also, 2 of the 3 ran without any issues…..but the WTO did show some sort of deficiency (I guess), around week 6 of flower. I’m sure it hurt the bud development and yield. As long as I correct this issue, the seed should be the same as the original clone??
Pictured is Fruity Pebbles OG, which was the winner of the 3, by a good margin.
The only difference in my process was the FPOG was grown in an air pot, while the other 2 grew in fabric pots.
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