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I have a 2x2.5x5'8" and a 4x2x7. I have invested heavily in each of them. I've hit a recent bout of ehhh depression (?), without too many details, I got a sick mom and it's hard to keep up with a mom/clone room (which I didnt mention, has a 8 t5 box) and two tents flowering at the same time. I want to cut back significantly. My friend has some audio equipment he wants to get rid of.

Do you guys feel that a with a really good setup and some knowledge, I can run a pretty good perpetual sog with the 2x2.5? I am not into super big outputs. I just want to grow some dank. Is that too small of a tent? If it isn't what does a sog look like to you guys in a small tent.


Back in the 1970's... While in college I grew my own, on an embarrassingly bad and small scale. I put two 4-foot flourescent lights (one fixture) in a closet lighting 4 plants that were growing in Baskin Robbins ice cream containers - gallon size? Dirt from the yard, and Miracle Grow.

I got the plants to a couple of feet tall, and I set the lights to 12/12. Once they started flowering, I went in daily with a small scissors and snipped a couple of 1-day-old buds. (I was desperate, times were tough). I'd then dry up the snippings in a toaster oven and smoke fresh homegrow a few minutes later.

Believe it or not, I kept those plants flowering like that for 2 years.

OK, so something can be done, and a lot better than my first experience. I would consider growing autoflowers in coco coir. Autoflowers to keep the overall size (mostly height) down, and coco to speed up the grow and yield. Based on my current experience, I suggest that the one dimension you do not skimp on is the vertical. So much easier dealing with growth when there is plenty of height for the lighting. I think you might get a 1/2 pound of a soil grow in a 2x4, 1 pound in coco. Proportionately less in smaller square footage.

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