Testers wanted

WE NEED 4X TESTERS for the westside .
and the king kong .
We tried out king kong and westside already and there was only 1 finished test report from that moment (THANKS MACK 10).
The idea is to introduce people with Allstar genetics seeds to show what we stand for i can drop test reports all the time but at the end the seeds are grown by you guys..
So we are more then happy to give away seeds but in return for a proper test report ...
So last change for testers for :

2x king kong
2x westside

You can not be a tester if :

- do not have a camera
-have a grow report already on the farm (germinating to smoking ) please
-cant start right away

best regards,


Im down like James Brown..lol.. the name King Kong is only appropriate!! lol
Just let me know where to sign up!!
Oh yeah! I am down for sure! Got some room reserved for them as we speak! LOL!

Let me know the deatails as i will do one fine ass test on those lovely future ladies. Full test from germinating to smoke report!

Ready to get the beans rolling!