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I would greatly appreciate all users using my packs to post a word here in this thread, good or bad.

I don't care if you write that I'm a total cocksucker and fucked up your order, or if you feel these packs have been a game changer for you.

Please not a lot of back and forth here. I would like to keep it clean with one post per user if possible.

Ill start:

I have been using it on my lemon tree that was totally sick with black mold, aphids, and citrus psyllid. Now it looks better than ever, with tons of new growth, blossoms, and no bugs.

I will use these as long as I grow edible crops, because they are safer than chemicals and make my plants super happy.


Whats your ailment?
Let me be the first to say these beenies are the shiznit. They are extremely easy to use, mega affordable, and they work wonders for a number of things. I reuse my soil, so my soil food web is of the utmost importance. And the high concentration of bennies ensures a successful innoculation.

He's doing great work here. He's combining many things that seem to cost a fortune at the store. And, he's combining these in crazy high concentrations w/o the 'filler' material used in other products.
sky high

sky high

I've been chasing a yellowing problem for months now that I just couldn't isolate. I ended up tossing all of my old ferts and changing to GO/coco a month or so ago and that seemed to help....but not cure my problem. As of last weekend i still had as much yellow on the veg plants as green and things were looking like a repeat of last cycle where a bunch of leaves just fell off for no apparent reason.

Enter Cap's bennies. I brewed a tea the first day I recieved them about a week or so ago and applied the first shot. A few days later I hit them again. Yesterday was 6-7 days after the first dose....and the plants were visually greener than just a few days before. Today I could see a further greening and a perkiness they didn't have previously. I am also seeing roots poking out of the 2 gal containers after only 2 weeks from transplant. (heading into flower in the next few days) Things are definitely looking up!

I just started a bevy of new seeds and am using tea to germ them with in my sprouter. BOOM. The first round seemed to really dig it....36 hours for tails and in 48 hours they are now in their new homes.

Thanks for putting together the goodness, Cap! You rock my brotha!

s h


Just cruisin....
Cap, I am being completely serious when I say, YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIVELY HOOD! I have had a pretty bad root aphid infestation for the last year. I completely torn down and rebuilt, got rid of all plants and started fresh, did everything I could, but the fuckers kept coming back! Then, I wised up and bout some of CAP's packs. Within two weeks of implementing the packs, the RA's were GONE! Along with any other bug that was giving me grief. I honestly was about to give it all up. I felt like I completely lost my green thumb. My plants now are happier than ever and the yields are finally blowing up again. I can actually sleep at night now lol. Oh and my roots are INSANE!

I will forever buy Caps products(PLEASE DONT STOP PROVIDING CAP!) Cap is also a stand up guy and a great business man. Very professional! Thank you CAP!
Mississip Hip

Mississip Hip

I dont know how to express how great CAPs products without sounding like I work for him.

I can use bennies without concerning myself about cost.

I use a mix of chem and organic feed regiment. I will hit them pretty hard with the chems and them replenish microbials with the next feeding.

A tbsp/gal of all 3 spore packs seems like it fixes everything...pour about 8 ozs of that at the root base and watch your leaves....proof enough in my book.

I've used every myco/bennie product out there. I only spend my money with Cap these days.

el boyo

only great things to report here as well..
To start.. my order was a little backed up, and he sent me 1 kilo of each instead of 1 pound.. much appreciated.. since using all 3 teas in my coco beds and potted mothers there have been amazing improvements.. everything is absolutely lush and healthy growing. mothers have never looked better. flowering plants are stacking harder and in perfect health.
i have also been doing weekly foliar feeds to everything.. i had previously had a controllable mite problem that would show up every 2-3 weeks if not constantly maintained with various treatments. i have been dong weekly foliar sprays with the bennies, and no mites to report in any of my rooms.. so much easier to use than the einstein oils and pyrethrum sprays. and the best part is that i was not intending to get any control of the mites from his bennies, it kinda just happened...
i will definitely be buying his products for as long as i am growing.



I`m the first person to complain when shit sucks and doesn`t work. These packs, at least the foliar and nute pack work great. I have never seen any plants I`ve grown look healthier. I`ve never really had many issues growing in 20+ years until about a year ago. I was growing in ebb and grow 2 gal buckets and the plants were healthy until 3 weeks into flower when the leaves would start to yellow from the bottom up and eventually die off before harvest. Harvest after harvest yellowing leaves and tiny buds. I thought it was the nutes so I switched, same problem different nutes. Next I thought it was the medium so I changed from rockwool mini-cubes to hydroton, same problem. I decided to chuck the ebb and grow system and try the gettogro trash cans RDWC. First run killed it, a little more than 12 p`s with 7200watts. I thought the ebb and grow system I was running was crap and life would be great from that point on, wrong! My next run as soon as I flipped the cycle, one plant wasn`t growing as fast as the others, I pulled up the net pot out of the can and I just froze, root aphids all over, HOLY SHIT! I had been reading about root aphids on the farm and never thought I would end up with this shit. I dont bring new shit into my spot unless its supplies so I was stumped, where the fuck did these things come from? Am I going to have to scrap this whole grow like others who`ve had root aphids. I tried dunking in spectracide and it seemed to kill them, I didnt see any root aphids for 3 weeks. Started feeling overconfident that I was going to be one of the few that ridded myself of these lil fuckers, wrong again! They came back stronger than ever! I had read studies about bavarius bassina (I`m sure this is not spelled correctly) being affective in getting rid of root aphids so I searched for these and somehow found these packs on ebay. This was my last effort to get rid of the root aphids, if this didn`t work I was going to shut down. So I started brewing the nute and foliar pack teas and feeding already infested plants, It didn`t take a week and all root aphids in the water were dead but the dead ones left this goo all over the roots like a slime so I increased the amount of tea I gave the plants and the goo went away. The plants recovered and I was able to harvest, about half what I anticipated but better than nothing. The next run I used the tea from the beginning, plants were great until about 3 weeks into flower when a few started yellowing and I thought, this shit again! Are you fuckin kidding me. These lil fuckers are so smart, they realized that the water was killing all their buddies so they hung out in the net pot and bred like crazy but instead of going into the water they hung out in the net pot and on top of the rocks and bucket. I started top watering daily and made it through harvest this time about 75% of what I thought I`d harvest, still good but not great. I installed drip rings around the tops of the net pots with soaker hose so the net pot would be saturated with tea water and the lil fuckers could not colonize, I was right! Finally got these lil piece of shits number and it all starts with Caps packs. I am currently 7 weeks into flower and the plants are massive, the flowers are beautiful! I can see the flyers around the tops of the net pots but they refuse to go down into the net pot. My entertainment is grabbing a beer and lawn chair and sitting and watching them trying to figure out how they are going to penetrate the net pot, its great! Every once in awhile one will go for it, dive in then come back out, next day dead flyer. Cap packs saved my grow! I could never thank him enough. This run is my best ever, 20+ years and killin it. I only hope others are fortunate as all of us who have tried Caps packs and realize how valuable they are. I would have shut down and stopped growing if I hadn`t found these packs. THANK YOU CAP!


I've had the pleasure of working with these bennies for over 10 weeks now, full spectrum...all three products...on everything from cuttings to babies to teens to moms to flowering plants. I've been brewing a tea, then diluting and then applying as a soil drench and clone solution. I see a massive difference in my plants, and the root system in my beds is unlike anything I have ever previously experienced. The nutrient uptake is absolutely perfect, and the amount of food these girls are taking in is truly unbelievable. Week 4 looks like week 6...massive production...and all plants are the absolute definition of health. Photos coming soon.


My custom tea mix:

1. 4 gals of RO or bubbled chlorine-free tap water
2. 4 TBSP Root pack, 4 TBSP Nute pack, 4 TBSP Foliar pack
3. 100ml earth juice hi-brix molasses
4. Stocking full of 3 handfuls earthworm castings and 3 handfuls Bu's Blend compost <or Alaskan Humisoil>
5. 1 to 1.5 handfuls Alfalfa meal if desired
6.. 50ml Liquid Kelp

Alfalfa Meal can also be added to the stocking containing the 3 handfuls earthworm castings and 3 handfuls Bu's Blend compost if desired.

Also, if you are looking to brew a tea with more Humic in it, just switch the 3 handfuls of Bu's Blend compost to 3 handfuls of General Organics Ancient Forest Alaskan Humisoil. I always use the earthworm castings as my base and switch between the other 2 ingredients.

Brew for 24-48 hours hours.

I dilute all 4 gallons into a 55 gallon reservoir and water in as normal.

I use the tea every third watering...for example: Feed >>> Feed >>> Tea >>> Feed >>> Feed >>> Tea


I am an experienced ACT grower, and I will say without question that this is the best tea I have ever encountered or used.

There is no way that words can accurately describe exactly how amazing these three beneficial products are when added in to an organic soil garden. There is also no way to describe the astronomical amount of money you are saving by going with Capulator's gear, and it is far better than anything available on the shelves at the local garden shop. His bennies are REAL bennies, without all the fluff and bullshit. You can literally save thousands of dollars and have way better results...

Thank you so much, Cap. The work you have done and continue to due is incredibly important. My brotha, We appreciate your friendship, your time and research, and your wonderful products...Hats off to you.




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thank you Alien, for the tea recipe.

Caps, i introduced your bennies to help combat root zone problems in rdwc . . . . and they provided so much more. my plants have never looked better, from top to bottom.

thank you for the time, the effort, and for making this available for our gardens. i nominate your bennies as product of the decade!

Jolly Mon

Jolly Mon

Here's the skinny, I had one of the worst fungus gnat infest ever nothing killed them; I mean nothing. After reading the reviews here I thought I was getting somthing wrong, the gnats slowly tappered off after 4 weeks; but I used no other products and finally they don't seem to be as bothersome. Occasonally I see a flyier and I changed some fly traps and few get stuck but nothing like befor.

My plants are greener than my last run and seem to be a week ahead in size .

The best part of Caps Packs is that I ended up using 70% - 80% less fert. than ever. Not only did I fert. 1/2 the dose than normal but everyother waterings rather than evey time.

About to order this summers packs soon THANK YOU CAPULATOR.


I've been using Caps bennies for a few weeks now and one of the immediate benefits for me has been explosive root growth.

This is a pic of the roots of an Arctic Diesel clone that was transplanted into a 1/2 gallon container 3 days earlier.

My last 4 batch's of ACT have included Caps bennies and everything is looking very healthy

I've been mixing the Nute Pack bennies with my soil at transplant time and that
is working very well.

Keep up the great work Cap!


Hey every buddy!!!
This is my first post on the farm but I've been watching and learning from y'all awhile. Figure it's time to share..

I'm into my third "real" grow. Soiles Mix all RO Soul Synthetic line. Been having phantom deficiencies and root bug problems. So I got some of Caps bennies from a friend. Just figured out the probs are probably do to cal/mag issues with the roots line. Subsequently today when I went to get some cal/mag from the hydrostore I explained my issue asking which cal/mag people use with RO line. Apparently RO has also realized the problem because the AWESOME "stoned" clerk happend to have a new product from them which was in a demo bag and I got for free!! I applied as instructed 1tsp per gal weekly. It looked and smelled like dolomite lime but sweeter and finer. I mixed it in a jug to dilute it and it bubbled a fizzed?!? Hope it helps?

In the mean time I have been using Caps Bennies and Wow they are Great!

Had some tea left so I started some stuff for my vegetable garden!

This is just 8 days after planting. From seed. The packages said
sprouting in 7-12 days. YA, I'd say they sprouted!! I saw the first sprouts from the peas after just 24-36 hrs!!


Peas after 8 days from seed! Cucumber after 8 days from seed!

The roots are Super Fuzzy! These fan leaves are huge! 3 days into Flower

3 Days into flower the lady's are lookin fine! Thanks Compost Tea! Thanks Cap!!

Thanks Cap for all your work to get this stuff out to the folks on the streets! I think this compost tea thing in general is a revolution in growing healthy natural plants. Without the need for pesticides, petro-fertilizers, and all that scary stuff...

My recipe was amended a little but basically the one you posted..
I looked at the tea I brewed under a microscope and there were all kinds of things all over!

BBB's Tea Recipe 1
Treats 60 or so gallons

3/4 gal water- clean, bubbled 24 hrs, ro, distilled, etc...
1 small Tbsp Foliar pack
1 small Tbsp Root pack
15 ml Liquid Carb ( I used RO Trinity) - food for bacteria
15ml Liquid Kelp ( I used Extreme Serene) - food for fungi
1 modest handful worm castings
1 modest handful alfalfa

*Fill a clean container with your water. Big enough to hold all ingredients with extra room to spare
*Use clean stocking or filter bag and put in your castings and alfalfa. Tie off stocking or bag and drape into water submerging the filled part of the bag in the water.
*Throw all other ingredients into the water and start Bubbling!
*Bubble 24 hrs and use. Depending on conditions tea may be at optimal levels anywhere between 12-48 hrs. Get a microscope!!

I got my res all ready, ph'ed as needed and then last thing added tea. I dont think it's good to ph after adding the tea cause it may harm the goodies. Also I think it's good to add the tea to water that has some nutes/food for the living goodies in the tea. I watered in with a pump and hose. They loved it!

Also I used a magnetic stirrer to make the tea. Rather than lots of tubing it's super easy to clean and fun and makes a vortex and is cool to watch and its cool and awesome...
I can make a post on how I made mine and all the details if you like?

Thanks again Cap your the best!! You've gotta be raking up some serious karma points by now..

Freedom Fam!!


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Wanted to find something else besides my hella expensive Roots Excelerator so i brewed up an ACT with some of Caps root pack and molasses. I had some clones that just werent doing it so i hit them with the root ACT and bingo bango.....new green growth and new root shoots within a day or so.....lots of bang for your buck here folks!


Caps bennies (foliar, my experience) have completely decimated my spider mite infestation. Under magnification, the mites are literally town apart from the exterior and crumble into dust. The bennies attack the pests at the exoskeletal level. Just amazing and the best and most healthful remedy I can think of. Thank yoa Cap. Id like to try your root formula one of these days! Thank you for putting together a well thought out combination of beneficials specifically for good compatibility with cannabis. Great work and research there without a lot of fancy graphics and inflated pricing. Great White anyone?


my veggie tables blew up too fast with your packs ha ha. i was using great white before, big improvement. i'm going to need to allow for less time on the pre veg tables from now on. gonna be fun transplanting these into 20 gallon smart pots.

definitely seeing the simpler i keep the tea's the better. i'm using 1 tbls/g each pack. 25 ml/g hibrix, 3 ml/g algen. then ewc, alfalfa meal and GO ancient forest in a brewers bag. thanks again man!



caps bennies blow the competition out of the water. I just had a deadhead OG have roots pop out of a 15g smart pot 5 days after transplanting from a 1g pot, plants have never looked so lush and green. making tea is the best thing Ive done since building a sealed room, doesnt matter what nutes your using or what medium your in, these bennies will make a huge differnce.

thank you cap for all you hard work and for introducing me and many other hydro people to the great benefits of beneficials and compost tea. best of luck in all your endevors


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Gotta agree with everything thats been said, these products help the overall health and vigor of your plants. Use them from seed to flower and clones as well and you will see growth and health like you've never seen before. Cap is also one of the kindest most helpful individuals you'll ever do business with, if you have a question just ask and you'll get an answer pronto. Great products, great service and a great guy these bennies will be some of the best money you'll ever spend. Thank you and I hope all is well with you and yours

midnight chuck

midnight chuck

I have been totally blown away by the overall health and vigor since I have been using these packs!
Here are a few photos of some happy plants that have been fed ACT brewed with CAPS PACKS... Overall everything has exploded with growth from moms and teens, to roses and tomatoes...Also had some weird things happen I've never seen before like Fungal growth coming out of the drain hole of the container (not sure what to think/do about this one!?) and some sap like liquid oozing from the cut where I topped a male (again, not sure what to think!?). It seems like a Molases like substance from smell to feel and stick...
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