Thank you to everyone on this forum for helping and not just flaming me for my noob style questions.

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Thank you again. I have learned so much in the past 8 months. I have lurked on cannabis forums since the overgrow days. I registered here when medical passed here in MA. I have grown a few times indoors. I posted my story to some thread about my first grow that went horribly wrong in 1998. That experience made it so i was hesitant to try again. This year i said F it i'll just put some seeds outside and see what happens. I made a lot of mistakes like using plastic buckets. I only used HappyFrog and Coast Of Maine Lobster Compost and water. I made some compost teas using the Coast of Maine adding some sprouts and molasses during flower. I got a huge N defesency But the flower is coming out awesome. I have one plant finished and 2 more that will be done in 2 or 3 weeks. I have some old seed stock from my friends parents who grew in the 90s. I'm not sure if they will germinate but i have original AK47 brought back from amsterdam in 97, I also have Bubbleberry and Yellow Cab, and 2 Super Skunk seeds from 1995. Since they are so old I was going to seed hull them a little with some sand paper and try to pop them for next years run. I would take some clones to give to some local growers who would keep them going. They have been stored in a cool dark place with silica gel packs since the 90s. we popped one og kush seed in 04 and grew it out. It came out amazing. But I think i'm going to grab some Afghani kush cross as well since it finishes a little earlier then the Durban cross I grew this year. Even though i'm loving the terps on the TexadaTimeWarp. She smells like Fruit Loops and gas. I can't wait for it to be cured. The first one has been drying for 3 days now. If there's anything growing has taught me its patience. Here are some pictures form along the way. I don't mind the yellowing as i'm turning this first and second plant into RSO. My father has had a rough go with cancer in his lungs and lymph nodes. He doesn't smoke anything so i'm hoping he will use the RSO since its sublingual.

It took almost 2 weeks to germinate this picture was taken on May 4th

They started off doing really good loving the outside weather.
IMG 20210513 123234

They grew up quick.
PXL 20210604 175655919MP

They got transplanted on June 10th
PXL 20210613 165533811

This is when I knew I wasn't doing to shabby at this.

IMG 20210716 072958

But then the yellowing started But She still came out ok in the end.





This one in the books other than the smoke test, but looks good.
U WILL Only get better with more experience.
Keep at it and hope the RSO helps your father.

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