Thc Distillate Vape Juice

Wow, HOT va at the vet. Damn. Yes, quite embarrassing, especially when I won't allow strangers to pet them afraid he'll lick them. Don't want anyone getting locked with poppy slobber.

Anyways the tek..

*Pot to boil/heat water in
*Metal bowl that fits on top of pot
*Thick shot glass
*Concentrate of choice (in my findings ONLY rosin, bho, and distillate won't seperate from the peg when in storage)
*Peg 400 usp. It's what I use, what's in your shanpoo, lipstick, gloss, makeup, ect. I don't like VG as it puts an oily coat on throat and lungs.
Scale to weigh peg and concentrate.

Fill pot with water. Put bowl on top and turn on stove. Bowl should float of sorts. Place shot glass in metal bowl. Fill bowl with water until half shot glass is covered. Do NOT allow shot glass to float. Bad idea.
Remove shot glass. Add concentrate and peg 400 to shot glass. I do a 1:2 ratio by weight (not volume) of concentrate to peg. Place shot glass in bowl with water. Heat up to about 140 MAX. Stir, stir, stir, repeat for about 20 mins. I use a meat thermometer. Let cool. Draw up and put into e-cig pen or what have you.

With distillate, there's no odor or flavor. You can always add some flavoring. But use sparingly. It's super potent. I have blueberry, champagne, cotton candy, strawberry, Grape, amaretto.

So in the vial is 1g of distillate and 2g of peg 400. 100.00
TardBuster, do you have any more information on different methods? I have tried everything from wax liquidizer to terps, nothing seems to rip like dispensary pens
This was some old add trim from about 7+ months ago. 1st pass only. Still potent, not like my stuff above though. Still good for carts or dabbing.

Been scraping it into a silicone cup so I can work with it easier.
I would like some that tastes like weed. I ordered some from that alien guy a couple years back and it tasted like shit. I told him this is supposed to taste like weed? really? I don't think he ever smoked weed.
So i got my.quart bottle of vegetable glycerin (usp food grade vg). I made a new batch of vape juice the other day. I did a 4:1:1 (peg 400/veg glycerin/distullate). Made it my usual way. It did not hold. It separated almost immediately. Either the peg 400 and by are not comparable, or the distillate and VG aren't comparable. So down the drain it went. There goes another 225.00 down the drain.