THCFarmer Upgrade 2.1.4

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  • Start date
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Bugs fixed in thcfarmer 2.1.4 🙂

  • Fix some slightly over-zealous image removal code in the editor if image uploads are not supported.
  • Improve performance of embed metadata rebuild.
  • Fix regression relating to markdown being parsed in built-in block BBCodes
  • Implement the russian ruble symbol
  • Detect UTF-8 Byte Order Marker to prevent incorrect Windows-1252 fallback
  • Standardize on \w for BB code tag matching, rather than a mishmash of [a-z0-9] and [a-z0-9_]
  • Add support for user_id token in notices
  • Don't enforce minimum tag requirements when using the quick lock/stick moderator actions
  • Update draft last_update field when draft is updated.
  • Make show current activity privacy checkbox dependent on show online status checkbox when editing a user
  • Prevent guests from entering user upgrade checkout flow
  • Use isIgnored methods in widget classes where available
  • Ensure deleteChildAction option of XF:TreeStructured behaviour is passed through to child entities
  • Workaround for image dragging bug in Firefox.
  • Prevent additional content reports being considered a state change from Open->Open
  • Show the 'unignore' button for users that can no longer be ignored
  • Ensure tags containing quotes are escaped properly in the token input.
  • Increase the maximum query length for the auto-completer to 15 characters (from 10).
  • Allow IP hostnames in email addresses
  • Update currency symbols for KZT and UAH
  • Don't treat 6to4 IPv6 addresses as local
  • Change the news feed item thread link to link to the thread rather than the post.
  • Adjust in-editor vertical alignment to be the same as it is in the published post.
  • Apply missing maxEntity field for warning_message column in various entity classes
  • Prevent line break being inserted between two tables when rendering BBCode in editor
  • Prevent caching of inline thread edit overlay to ensure accurate state
  • Increase thread quick reply message container selector specificity
  • When editing a phrase, only display the "Master value" row if the phrase exists in the "Master language".
  • When using the schema manager and changing an existing column to a non-int type, remove the unsigned property if set.
  • When rendering push templates, attempt to maintain the receiving user's style (or the site default).
  • Move restoration of original language and style after push template render to finally block
  • Delete reply ban alerts sent to unbanned user rather than from banning moderator
  • Attempt to detect and block batch install of encrypted archives
  • Make global '$xf' variable available to push templates
  • Add workaround to prevent error when searching content in the admin panel based on value of custom field with numeric ID
  • Handle string IDs in the abstract field map class when updating field associations.
  • Fix issue with being able to delete emojis in the editor by reverting back to a previous version of the editor.
  • Ensure the unapproved counts are recalculated correctly and take content visibility into account.
  • Update inline_mod_actions event listener description to suggest using the global app object rather than public.
  • Skip custom field max length checks for field types which tend to have a fixed length.
  • Prevent unfurl block overlapping aligned image
  • Fix issue causing high-numbered pages on bookmarks list to appear empty
  • When an email address is changed, move user out of email bounced state if email confirmation is not required
  • Wrap markForumReadByUser query in a separate transaction and attempt retry on deadlock
  • Ensure message_count field is updated in cached entities when posts inserted/deleted
  • Only hide the editor button for smilies if there are no smilies AND no option to use emoji.
  • Remove defunct currency 'Lithuanian litas'
  • Make \XF\Repository\AbstractField display group agnostic
  • Fix n+1 queries on moderator list
  • Correctly handle deleting directories with symlinks
  • Run add-on onActiveChange method in a separate CLI process after transaction committed
  • Use the term "login" rather than "log in" on the admin login form.
  • Twitch VOD URLs were only embeddable if they had a start time in the URL. Allow base Twitch VOD URLs to be embedded.
  • Standardize metadata fetcher header keys to be lower case. This allows Twitter profile URLs to be unfurled.
  • Add new alert action for watched forum content alerts
  • When indexing profile post comments, reduce the number of queries.
  • When setting http client defaults, do not overwrite existing headers that have been passed in.
  • For the new threads widget, adjust what is queried for in expanded mode.
  • Remove the forced index hint for latest threads widget and add a new (post) date limit option.
  • For some node types, display them as table-cells which will ensure vertical alignment.

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