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If you are engaged in illegal activities that are apparent from internet forum chat, IRQ discussions, or non-encrypted email, you have a lot of reason to be worried. And this was the state of affairs before the Homeland Security Act.

^Quote from after site.

Sorry guys I don't feel safe talking about cultivation anymore, because where I live. I know its legal in some of you guys countries and few States in US. But my is not, I'm just afraid to talk about it anymore online after I have read that above. Sorry guys. Plus my little angels died anyways.

Peace, I'm out
This place has alot good reads for new members like me. I'm just spook to talk about growing all over the net. Which my fault for posting my grow over the cultivation forums. Notthing against you guys, I just don't want anyone knowing about my grow all over the net. I do use another forum, which I do feel like at home there. I think best for me to ask all my questions there. Just in case wondering eyes happens to read my thread about my grow. Like I said, its not you guys at all. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. :(

Sorry again

This link here.
its good to be paranoid.. to think the man isn't watching would be a downfall.. that said how does he know who you are and where you are from.. we keep that info hidden here.. so no one is safe but every one here wants to learn something about this stuff..talking in code may be a safer bet for you.. for me I'm from the dam..say what I want here..freedom man we are allowed to talk.. peace man
That will be very much a helpful thing that cheapest setup are also available and will be frequently used by the growers. Earlier it was not so easy as one had to prepare the setup themselves.