The death of neo-rasta culture in cannabis industry

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Ever since I could remember the Jamaican island fo-rasta has been a big part of the cannabis industry and culture. Now days I look around and it seems a lot of cannabis industry and culture has backed the laid back hip hop life style as far as cloths and vibe. Long gone are the days of kudwai and bumbaklot or the ever dreaded rasklot. Ital a myth a few strove for. Where is the rasta mon vibration? Has weed culture become its own thing entirely. So many brands. Where will the culture of buds be in the coming future. She the flower of our hearts. You know baby I love you but I can't live without weed. Will a strains popularity change the markets for ever. A paper tycoon and a drug lord from Sinaloa revolutionizing the markets, our boys in Amsterdam and Cali west coast further pushing the game, the Canadian connection and their bean dispersion in the dark days. England and their interesting wording that gave the industry some of the world largest most popular seed banks.

Where is the Jamaican crew now for a lot of guys it was their first taste of high grade island budz. Is rasta nation still pumping that bud?
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