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a year ago, i started messing around with the idea that there might be something to multiple strains
i've finally figured it out
and now
i think and heal faster than u do and i'll explain why

please pardon me for keystrokes and lack of sentence structure n punctuation
i think faster than u do
i'm a wiz on a keyboard
and i don't have time to hold hands n catch u up
this is very difficult for me
because now, i have to slow down, to elaborate and think about yesterday
it is not my focus
and as we read eachother
you're thinking about what i thought about last year
i'm thinking about what you thought about it and when you're mistaken
you really slow me down
i'm not listening to the naysayers and the noise
i'm trying to get my girl out of bed
and if i have to think about what you thought about, yesterday
i'm thinking for two and i'm already a day behind.
so please excuse me: i'm acutely shy and i'm bored of people sliding bogus intel across the table
if u set a bogus bar
sheep will stop and make a ewe
nothing is impossible until we stop trying

here we go

terps are in MY cco
blindly proven without your shiny gear
cbd has entourage and works better in combination
as does chlorophyll thc, etc
the topicals are lasting two days, using best of plant
without dumbing down for profit
i just made a liter with a single wash half p
ignore the noise of money
how much is a bottle of oxy on the street
how much is a pound to grow
the oils at their purest i can manage, require 1/20th, the rso diet; math finally checked
i never wanted to know the cost
never wanted to resent the loss of my shit for those i would help
if i have $10 under my mattress and someone in the universe starves to death
i'm saying a life isn't worth $10
integrity matters
i''m not ok wiht this
i struggle for balance
sometimes u need an oil change
sometimes u don't
guess an oil change is more important
than my neighbor going hungry
starving to death
i struggle with this.

so the multicultivar theory works across the boards in tandem with the body's ability to filter and metabolize.
while i may feel a tactile full body orgasm... i go sublingual in ultra clean poopoo
i feel the nuances, more than u do
you smoke
u filter 70ish percent of these effects
u eat, etc= 30ish percent
sublingual, or poop shoot: 100%

here's a big money idea for u
see that supplement aisle
if people weren't so retarded, the entire industry would go sublingual for non child caca and save 30% on their ingredients, with 17-30 min to effect, vs 2hrs; depending on stomach content.
and those who cannot take nsaids, in theory, could: bypassing the liver n kidneys, both
people r stupid.
the capsules they sell
people think they have to fill, wait two hrs n use 30% more
not so much
they're horse hoof n vegetable whatchamacallit
melt right under your tongue. people r retartde

so the extreme high, as i've been overdosing myself to make sure we don't hurt anybody
can cause fear, paranoia, psychosis
people r weak minded and cannot tolerate it
i live in constant phobia as a matter of course, from the decade of legit opioid damage.
apparently, as i read the sign... they disclose if u abuse it, it'll jack up ur head, n some other stuff, i forget.
ok, but if i were an addict, 80mg a day would do just fine, for someone not in pain.
they gave me a 600mg+ morphine equivalent for 10ish yrs, but as i was not addicted, they didn't fracture my mind...
hmmmm... that makes perfect sense. take more than an addict cause a doctor gave it to me... and no damage...
SWEET! and they failed miserably because i was in enough pain to want to end it, myself

2018 data shows that every day, 128 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. The misuse of and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl—is a serious national crisis that affects public health as well as social and economic welfare

How Schizophrenia Connects to Opiate Abuse
Opiates are drugs or substances derived from the poppy plant such as heroin, morphine and codeine. All of these are highly addictive narcotics that generate a strong high and a sense of well-being.2 While opiate abuse does not cause schizophrenia, one of the symptoms of abusing certain opiates is psychosis. This is a condition with symptoms similar to those of schizophrenia, such as delusions and hallucinations.3

Many with this disorder self-medicate with substances like alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and opiates to find relief from their psychotic symptoms. Opiate drugs can sometimes reduce these symptoms because of the high they create. However, people who suffer from schizophrenia endanger their chances of recovery by abusing opiates.

Opiate drugs are highly addictive. Your body quickly builds up a tolerance to them causing abuse to escalate beyond control. The dosage must increase over time to preserve the effect. People who become addicted risk much to keep their habit, with serious side effects like respiratory depression, decreased heart rate or even fatal overdose.

and then i come here and lose my mind
found it
they broke it. they dress it, with opioids because the high, allegedly mitigates the psychotic breaks. i think we can do better than a high the government won't tax, that makes best friends blow their brains out n people od every day, addicted, or not.

multiple cultivar allows for the consumption of less pot, checks every box on the: 2040 cbd cures cancer.... as we give it to u the 20 yrs leading up to it, recreationally... waiting for Israeli mice to feel better n hopefully, lowering the death toll, in the process, leading up

regardless of uptake method=less pot
u don't like the extreme highs
use less, fools. you're overdosing yourself
ur just not listening. it won't require as much.

these r things that can be mimicked in concentrate
via terps and...

figured out as i was overdosing myself on test days, the fear is required... the "indica" chill, is required and the cbd limits the height and duration of the high
if we look up what i mentioned... we're talking about meditation, controlled breathing... look into rbc's wbc's and healing... brains' ability to function at a higher level=
more o2
more o2 means your body is now on overdrive, workin more efficiently. less sleep required. i can sleep as i choose, or choochoo on for days at a time.
no pain, or pain where you want it. high, or no high. these are the things i've learned,
look into fight or flight cortisol adrenaline endorphines
speed of thought strength focus
and while you're focused on my boner n boogar
all i'm thinking about is how to get my girl out of bed

the multi is a balance that is required
a lil o this
a lil o that
a lil balance
and it allows me to heal n think faster than you do
which is y nobody could ever understand me
until i learned to control my breathing better... and found my way out of the clouds.
on the farm lie 4 books, collaboratively inspired and written by its naughty crowd
and they would be the most current cannabis tech books on the market, today
i hope someone edits binds n makes em available
know how i know
i asked hana, az's #1 dispensary, yesterday, to listen to me, or i would go to their ditch weed competitor, next stop.
told em i could show em how to make rso at 2.5-5% their current daily.
told ya
if they knew, it'd already b on the shelf
and if they read the farm
they'd have know it, for a year... gratis
if they knew
when i asked for 1mil for cowboy jim
and 1mil for the vfw and hopefully a job
they would not have made an appointment to c me
funny thing is
they're so retarded and not listening to the new guy with their hubris
i'm not a threat
i'm not worth 2mil and a job
i already gave it away and they did nothing

so put ur pots together
figure ur dose so u don't freak and comprehend that if u do freak... ur speeding ur mind, ur healing... breathe deeply and slowly
and next time
add more cbd... humans... pfft
thank mr simpson

essentially, in cco
remember the movie limitless... it's that, to a lesser degree
if you can manage to focus on your one thing
the rest of the toilet swirl is all for that one hole goal
the noise of no lost to the wind
and everything u do
everything that happens
is getting you this one thing
your faith
that one thing
mine happened to be gettin my girl out of bed
and you're slowing me down, just to catch u up
if you still believe i'm kookoo
you've already proved my point
you're thinking for two
making me heal n think
faster than ewe

welcome to the party

so i have to catch up so many folks so many times
i lose my place and am thinkin so far ahead
i don't make sense to everyone
sorry for that

the ability to drown out the bullshit- gives u access to both short n long term memory cause you're emptiying out sooo much garbage
where's my wallet
will i make the rent
what time is it

i'm just thinking of how to fix my girl

my lovely ginger is a legit opioid addict

every time i've gone to people with money
i've been slowed down
it sux
it sux

so if you know someone who has the connections
tell em
do it
let's leapfrog over eachother
every time i stop to pick up a penny
i lost a life
i'm saying a life isn't worth giving this away

i hurt people, when i make edibles, or pack a bowl
i stick to my thing
and my thing is


our collaborative research, is all here, on the farm

thanks, fellas... for never losin hope
keep the faith
the rrock

the rrock

yeah poor Ginger,I would be shooting up alseo if I had to listen to this babble on a daily basis.Give the poor woman some support,nothing wrong with being a legit addict, ive been one for 25 years(love my opies) and get up everyday feeling like the luckiest person alive


I'm sorry u require them. sorry ur hurtin, therock
i would see an alternative on the shelf for u, regardless of who puts it there.
ur always well humored.
believe me
i returned n shez in great spirits.
i don't want her to be 129th overdose, tomorrow.
i didn't bring it up. she did.
y would i
I'm content
the blablabla is just noise.
shez appreciated. i couldn't do my life without her

i do my life for her
until i can do it
by her side

zero to minimal withdrawals
and thank u for proving my point.

as i mentioned
addicts r different

they have to choose it
or they just use u to get high
for a bit

as therock mentioned
he's perfectly content living in pain; a slave to opioid pusherz

the conversation goes with my lovely g
as it does for therock
it's just babble

so i listen to the medical professionals who support me
instead of Babylonian addicts

thank u for weighing in, therock
every lil bit of evidence helps

i appreciate u more than u know


perhaps therocks medical background could b of use
if not an m.d., he probably knows more about the areas of his injuries than many p.a.'s


but i cross reference my babbling with the people who do hold those degrees because i can't afford to b distracted by therocks sour mood today

I'm sorry ur havin a rough day, man
i pray tomorrow u feel better


turns out mr Hamilton is alleged by second person to b the country's largest cattleman

naturally when the call arrives at therock's vet club
their response will also be

give this man anything he requires

including the ear to 3 governors, minimum

call em

then tell me I'm fos


I'm wasting my time therock

put ur back into it

or y would u bother




it's not easy, workin near 24/7

appreciate that you'd want to trouble yourself to fight for the advancement
of our industry

and help our peepz

if I'm wrong itz no skin off ur back


y say anything at all

let's try to b more positive n productive

dick isn't a good color on u

it's not ur style

rough day


i hope i was what u needed me to b for ewe


there's nothing to forgive

I'm human too
dire wolf

dire wolf

And the recent find at the louvre in Paris during a flu clean up ......, entitled, sparechange begins his journey , believed to be drawn at about the same time by Hans wiener futter



Ur mgr is so retarded

He dismissed me when I told em I heel faster

His stress over regulation money n my appearance

Proves it

It loweres his immune system

He take many sick days

He comes off as a pussy

I was blowing ass this morning

Next time

Please b more respectful n punctual

I med ur dispensary

My bitch


It's dismissive and discourteous

No apology required

I figured you'd come light



I have an email

That makes u complicit in the opioid deaths over the last week
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