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I'm not checking this

The intel is available

The farm appears indifferent

Sooo just an addition

Weinerdog emerging situation

40min to resolution

Including the lovely g's panicky roadblock of noise

I never said I don't thrive under pressure

I simply prefer to avoid the noise

It doesn't feel very good

5yrvold female adopted wonderweinerdog

Possibly sheared off half recently trimmed dew claw
Sometimes claws, splinter... ive noticed

The lovely g is in conniptionz

Doesn't hush

Weinerdog ain't in shock

She's clearly injured, clearly in extreme pain, but not whimpering
Eyes remain focused
No swelling
No foreign objects
If u can get a less panicky woman to hold a light
Can I get er number

Neighbor biker Sam's veterinary school daughter is out fuckin around

Atf cbd combo
Rescue breath to non filter n not add more diox
Avg bowl 45mg
Takes my copd ten tips
20 lbs weinerdog
Bout 10% avg male human
Ain't had time to study granimals
I was distracted
Bad math
.7x4.5=1.35ish mg combo thc/CBS
Tented head with blanket

Instant chill

No more licking

Ash never smoked on my watch, before

Head alerts

Not stoned like big bro did his pup as a kid

Cbd will counter height n duration

Lungs were instant effect

I felt stupid

I intended to observe for 30min

I ruined my atf forever

It still has its uses

My weinerdog is relaxed

We'll give er a chance to stay off it

Poor bitch had instant cottonmouth

Lickin her chops

Cbd will counter the munchies

And my lovely g

Has shut the front door


She's resting on a comforter, out back

Imagine if I'd studied granimals

Got with a couple noobs today

Can't say for dea purposes

It's huge

Ran into a cannabis activist

He's published

Knows politicians

Dunno whether I mentioned it

I been published a few times, myself

Just isn't something one thinks about

G put on David gray

Music helps humans mitigate pain



looks like g's choices will b slimming, very soon. she's high. appointment less than two wks out

u know

if they random

this time...


it's an admission

if they don't...

the media is being kept abreast

treated ltr, yesterday... he was a ten on pain scale

slept great

laughing today

isn't that something



you're a part of the collaborative books


did u not know

your compassion humor and ability to shrug off bullshit

is inspiring

u stick it to the man

drug dealer

i love your ass

miss u man

the dea

i believe

tried to entrap me on my burner

told em

I'm a lil stupid

and, "It'll come to u"


i know LA

dea names

vice cops n LA

fukn retards

tried to insinuate he was with the farm

then he tries to sell whatever

they think they have anything i want

what a cunt

only my lovely g

has what i want

my lovely g is a legitimate opioid addict

and i fix what they break

because i can

and now

i have his burner history, as well

what a douche

people r retarded


never before in history has an author

taken the reader with them through the fear



toured them through life

fuck their money

stick it to the man

my family has given me a yr to succeed

i only require 90 days

or they can sell my home to cover my little project

when they cut off my lovely g

and i catch her fall

she'll know

i spent every cent i had

cause shez worth every




@SPARECHANGE its not that we arent interested. Its impossible to decipher your writing. I just read all that. How or what could I comment? Its like being lectured in another language.

Sorry bud. :-(
same here,ive tried several times to talk to you and you refuse to talk on the level ,just blabbering bull shit a alien couldnt understand,so check the mirror mate before you thrash out at folks that have tried to ease your pain
Have to agree with you both. Never really understood anything from what Sparechange posts.
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