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Haven't posted here for a while, Been busy with life and trying to dial things in.

Had a bit of a situation along the way where things had to come down for a little bit. But never mind. Shit happens and life goes on.

Anyway, Let's get started on a few things.

1st thing, and I hope this ok. - I'll never order from this bank again. Firstly they buggered up my first order, I have no idea what happened but I am almost certain that they sent me an auto as it turned on it's own and flowered under 18/6. It was suppose to be Gorilla Bomb from bomb seeds. After making contact with haze I just got the "Can't discuss all this blah, blah, blah"I am just grateful that bomb seeds fixed the mistake directly, And i'll hopefully be running one soon. Can't bloody wait.

The smoke I did manage out of the first order was really airy, but was absolute dynamite. I have no idea what the hell it was, and obviously neither do they. So a double edge sword there.

2nd. The free seeds that I got from them, I decided to pop after I had to pull everything down and didn't want to waste any seeds that I spent money on in case it had to come down again.

Which brings to this. High altitude seed house. I googled the crap out of it and were the only ones that has it. I am 4th week into flower and although doing well, it's bloody hard when your running what look sativa and 2x that look like indicas. Bloody nightmare, I understand that every plant is different, but jesus, the basics would have been nice to know in the planning stages.

Basically, my opinion of is that although they arrived well packaged and safely, it seems like a hand full of random seeds have been thrown in and shipped. Too unreliable to work with and customer support was a cop-out with a basic " bash it in your ass " mentality.. Grateful for the free seeds of course. But probably better off just saying "random free seeds"

I've been elsewhere since and seemed a hell of a lot better, and that's taking into account some of the seeds I ordered from elsewhere didn't even germinate.

But heres what everyone likes, here's a few pics of the current grow.

Indicas are in a square meter sections. And the other one is just out of control and I give up trying to control it. All are in 90L pots. And that tall one wasn't even close to the top net when I turned it and I didn't think it was even going to reach the top going on the info I could manage to get. Considering that was germinated about 3 weeks after the other two.
32228738_10215708576246045_1042088000927825920_n (1).jpg
32228738_10215708576246045_1042088000927825920_n (1).jpg
32187496_10215708576566053_222743360522158080_n (1).jpg


Hi guys,

Thanks heaps for the compliments.

The grow went extremely well. There were a few bumblef**k errors, but overall very good.

The indicas produced about 1100g's together. I'm not a huge indica smoker only for night time sleep and it turned out very nice considering. And for freebies, well I definitely not complaining.

The Sativa. Well, If ever look at this which I doubt they will. Get your shit together. That plant although took what felt like forever, was insane. Absolutely love it. The smoke is awesome, it looks great, smells bomb, and it yielded 900g on it's own. Would have been a great plug for haze if the descriptions were on par with the genetics and would be awesome if I knew what the hell they sent. I'd be ordering more, a lot more.

There is still alot to be tweaked though and the things I learnt will definitely be used in the next one. I still need to play with the lights to get the best out of them, and re-do the grow space. I think it can be done a lot better with that taken into account. But I have plenty of quality clean smoke to buy me some time to do some work

Next ones up to the pots will be a couple gorilla bombs and a berry white I reckon. But I do want to hunt down some nice stable sativa genetics so any suggestion won't fall on deaf ears. I'll be sure to check them out.

Pics coming soon. :)
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