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outdoor questions.please help!

sup everybody i have a few questions.first i would like to know whats your thoughts when it comes to outdoor strains for the east coast?indica mostly but will consider sativa.yeild and potency is my only concern.also this is my first grow outside so please if the questions sound stupid bare with only used to some point and time do i flush my plants?i will be transplanting right into the ground.if i put all 20 of my plants together at a height 11/2 to 2ft is this over kill?thanks for your time peace!:cool

sour p.

Yeah, outdoors is great man! I am from Europe and thanks to the Dutch it is possible to cultivate great outdoor plants while conditions aren't perfect.

I'd go for moldresistant plants. I don't know your conditions, but that's my first look: is it moldresistant.

If you go for potency I'd go for indica. I'm an indica lover, but I can enjoy a smooth haze.
But Haze in my region isn't quite possible, due to the long flowering period.

All these things should be considered. You have enough time to plan it out.
And yes, if you feed it in the water, you better flush it the last week.

Outdoor growing is basicly the same as indoor growing, indoor is more technical with electricity etc. Outdoor is surrending to nature. The only thing you need to be careful for is bugs. Got I hate those mofo's!
Prevention is absolutely recommended. You can throw snailpits around your plants to kill the snails. It breaks down their nervesystem.
Plagron also has special oil to cover the leafs in a gelly layer to protect them for bugs.

Also, look really good for ants, because if there are ants on your plant, that means there is a fat chance that a fly "don't know the english name" is in there.
They chew your leafs and leave a honeylike brew behind. Ants feed on that. So ants are a little warning.
The ants do no harm, but they protect the fly from other predators.

Don't grow your plants too big outside imho.
Because the higher it gets, the harder it gets to cut out possible botrytis.

I hope this does you any good?
Good luck
Im in Tn, last year i grew many plants. The sativas i grew took forever and were by far the worst shit i grew. They took hella nutes to sustain them, the buds were nice looking but smoked horrible. The kushes/afgans i grew took barely any nutes, and were fantastic tasting/smoking, and the bugs wouldent toutch them, but yeilded small(some plants only yeilded 1oz) and i had some mold problems with the main colas.

Next year for cashcrop im running Texada timearp, and trainwreck. Both are mold resistant, and yeild huge. Im also gonna run some mighty might x donkey dick which looks to be a good outdoor strain. And of course im running the kushes/afgans for smoke. Ask the breeder and see whats mold resistant, see what yeilds good, see whats potent
TNGorilla...I did outdoor mity mite x super skunk before and it was fantastic with great yeilds. Mid-sized plants. I think you would like it!
does anyone know how good these strains will do outdoor at 42N latitude?eastcoast.the strains are,lemon larry og,ultimate chemdawg 91,herijuana,sour banana og,and sfv og.any info on how these do in the new england area is appreciated.peace!
i know it's not much of an answer..but my vote would have to go with one of the skunks..a more sativa leaning pheno, in what ever one you pick(if you do)lol..why? cause it's good! lol it should finish on time..and there pretty good with mold..and if you pick the right should put out like a well trained whore..some time's they get kinda big some training will be needed..every spring i like to put out a good selection..upto 10+ strain's..a good skunk is allway's my "go to" plant..AND #2..white widow...does really good around my part' WW finishes up some time in september if it starts raining pretty good in the midle of flower like it does here..those two should do good for you...and if you can..try getting your hands on some kind of heirloom skunk...i try to shy away from the dutch "skunk's" they have to much indi in them for me to call skunk...but thats just me. another thing you can try is, picking up like five different strains from a cheap seed company like nirvana..and experement..make it fun..that's kinda what it's all about anyway..stay safe! now hopefully this post will go through! lol im on a sketchy wi-fi connection, oh about allmost 800 mile's south west of SD cali..right now! P.S i know it might sound a lil early..but now wouldnt be a bad time to get some baby's you have plenty of time to sex em and take clone's...i sure hate wasting water and food on male's!
I'm at 43N lattitude. Mity Mite x super skunk did wonderfully here and finished by Oct 1. I also had a NL #5 (I was told this was what is was but you never know for sure)

this was what the NL finished like on Sept 15th
bud boy that skunk looks great.what did youi yeild?okwildfire the reason iasked about the strains i posted is because i already have those please if you or anyone else can give their thoughts on the strains i posted it would herlp me alot
Thanks budboy. Last year I grew from seed, so many phenos. My kush/afgan strain had like a diff killer pheno for ever fem I had. I had one mold resistant sour diesel looking plant, killer smoke tasted like mango's though, yield 2 ounces. I had a solid purple one that only yielded 1/2 ounce, but was insane. Had a black pheno but the buds were more maroon yield like 45g. Had a crazy green pheno that was covered in resin, with a 12 or 13" cola that was solid, very dense but much mold problems, i smoked it.

This year im taking my kushs, along with the rest of the seeds I get, and clone as to save time,space and a shit ton of hassle. I cloned a few last year but could'nt save the moms so I flowered em. I plan on having about 100 or more this year, fixing to stock up on supplies. Im already out of smoke and I had 21 this year! Last ones chopped nov 15! Also investing in bubble bags, im kickin my own ass for not buying them.

I heard NL#5 was super easy, and yielded great outdoors. Gonna try Shiskaberry x Timewarp. Ive also been looking at belladona, bc pinewarp, and Early Wonder Skunk. When I talked to elite most his gear I asked about he said would do well outdoors, but i can go till nov 10-15. Whens 1st/last frost where your at?
I agree with okwildfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. Skunk performs outstanding. In my area we have a very old cutting of a mystery skunk that performs marvelously outdoors, and actually makes the smoke much better as opposed to indoor imo! I grew Sam the Skunkman's skunk#1 as well in the past, and the genetics are just top notch. People can diss skunk#1 all they desire, but there is a reason everyone knows the name. Just have fun. :)
The NL5 in the pic yeilded just a tad over 4 o's dry but the amazing thing was sheltered by my shed and only got 5 hrs of direct sunlight a day. So to do that well blew my mind. The next year I went to get a clone from my buddy and found out that his wife found out he was messing around with another gal and threatened him with cops. So he panicked, cleaned everything out and checked it into a dumpster. Damn I miss his clones! The MM x SS yeilded pop can sized buds that were so firm you couldn't squeeze them with your hands. I forget yeild amounts on it but it was definitely worth it as a cash cropper. I didn't bother with it for that as the smoke was personal and definitely good stuff. In my area October 1st is usually the first frosts...MM x SS finished around then. Hope that helps
Biddy Early is done by 3rd week of Sept. at 44*N. Will also be running Early Queen from Mr. Nice and Medicino Madness from TH Seeds. Looking for early finishers cause I need them. Had mold by 3rd week of Sept last fall.
Hey sour power I'm at just about the same lat in NE. I haven't tried anything you've listed personally but from what I've heard most from the chem family seem to be PM magnets outside. I'd imagine herijuana would do well if it finished, and I hope to find out for myself how some OG's do in NE.

And budboy that mm x ss sounds really nice, I'm hoping to make a mm x mss cross this summer.

Tobor the 8th Man

does anyone know how good these strains will do outdoor at 42N latitude?eastcoast.the strains are,lemon larry og,ultimate chemdawg 91,herijuana,sour banana og,and sfv og.any info on how these do in the new england area is appreciated.peace!
I'm at 40.5 N and I did a bunch of chem crosses last year. Chem D Bx 2, Chem 1 x Afi, Chem D x Afi and they all finished between Oct 4-15. The buds were very dense but they didn't get much mold at all but you need to do some preventative spraying. I used green cure.

I had excellent results with Grindhouse Bubba Kush x Blue Sonja. Very big 2 lb plus plants and they finished between Oct 15-20.

G13/SD by Head Seeds finished by Oct 10 and were also big yielders. They all were between 1.5 and 2 lbs and the smoke is potent.

I always do some Afghanis. Afghan 1 will finish in early October and a few in late September. Big yielders, mold resistent, tasty and potent.

Skunks are not an early strain and will usually take until Oct 20 to Nov 5 depending on what pheno you get. The UK Cheese does finish by mid to late October.

I go by this. 60 days flowering outside is around Oct 4 in the NE. Around Aug 4 the days start to shorten enough that flowering begins. Aug 1 is the outdoor equivalent of going 12/12 inside. I know it isn't 12/12 but the nights have been getting longer and by Aug 4 flowering has been triggered.

So 8 week strains can finish by Oct 4-10. 9 week strains 10-17, 10 weeks 17th to 24 and 11 weeks 24th to 31st.

Now cold and rain can slow it down and warm and dry might speed it up a bit. So will a spot that gets shady earlier.

I am doing some Lemon Larry and I expect it to finish before Oct 15 same with the Purple Kush fems from elite. I know a grower in New England that did the Banana OG outside last year and it finished around Oct 15.

You just have to stay in the 8-11 week range and see which ones work. Every area is different even if they are at the same lat.

Pick spots that get sun as early in the day as possible. This way the morning dew evaporates quickly. This makes a huge difference.

Spay your seedlings with aspirin water the first few weeks of their lives. This builds up their immune system to fight mold. Also apray it once a month in June, July, August and September.

Have some Green Cure to spray early in flowering and have on hand in case mold shows when the buds are thick.

LST your branches to separate them and allow good air flow. Cut away surrounding vegetation to also increase air flow.

Throughout the veg period pick off leaves that have bird dropping or bug droppings (honeydew) because mold will grow from this.

Put a small fence around seedlings. Chicken wire 1 foot around and 2 feet tall. This cuts down on a lot of heartache caused by rabbits, deer and groundhogs.

Good Luck!!!